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  • Dear Ridge Rider,

    I saw you post about some suggestions for MK5 Weatherby Accumark 30-378. I want to buy a rifle for up to 1000 m range for hunting and found that MK5 Weatherby Accumark will suit my needs, but I would like your advise what mods I should to seek before I start to shoot it?
    My goal to have one rifle that I will invest and this caliber looks to me universal for big game here in North America. I saw couple rifles used (50-10 rounds ) on gunbroker.com, should I buy new or used one will be fine too? Also this long range school thompsonlongrange.com
    offers same rifles for sale but they are not as usual price but runs for 3500$ not sure if they were customized. Thank you! Please guide me, will be very thankful. Rus.
    Currently shooting my 30-378.
    Have ordered through Parabellum Imports a quantity of 2000 300 grain Berger 338 Hybrids for the SnipeTac338 and the 338-378 Wby. Hopefully these should arrive in June so I've been told.
    The 338-378 needs a new batch of loaded ammo before I head out with that one on deer.
    Also gotta get my tax out of the way and do some house painting to earn some brownie points to get away again.
    Will be taking the month of June off and hope to put in some serious long range hunting during that month in the Dargo area.
    Might possibly bump into you somewhere around there.
    Sounds good mate !

    I had a reasonable night on the hill. Saw six including one good stag. Got footage of all of them through the new HD vid system up to 800m away. No shots fired as my geovid rangefinder went flat !

    What gun are you packing currently ?

    Would be nice to be on the hill again tonight... bluebird day here !


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