First APS Kill


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Jul 13, 2008
Kirby built me a .338RUM in time for Shawn's last class this year. I then went on a moose hunt in Newfoundland with it. Unfortunately I was the only guy in camp that didn't see a bull moose and never ended up pulling the trigger.

The outfitter invited me back at the end of the season to try again. I was able to take a 4 point moose, small antler size but big moose, on my second day. Still can't say I shot long range since the moose was right off the side of the road at less then 50 yards.

We worked our tails off a couple of days walking into bogs and then have this puppy show up as we came back in from town for supplies.

Oh well, I'll take it and the skunk is now off my baby and I look forward to many days and kills with it in the future.


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Oct 16, 2008
Congrats on your hunt.
+1 with ss7mm, they just have to be hunted when you find them, where you find them!!!
How about some pictures???
Anyway, congrats, and good luck with your new rig on future hunts.


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Jun 8, 2009
Afognak Island, Alaska
Congrats on getting your bull.
I've been there too. Two years ago I hunted 17 days total in Idaho unit 67 for moose. I hunted with my longbow most of the time and past up bulls most hunters would be real happy with. The last two days I took my 300 Weatherby. I told my wife that any bull I saw was a goner. Early morning on the last day I saw a young muligan and shot him at 350yds. I boned him out and packed him the 1.16 miles to my truck. My son says the horns would make great dustpans or even candy dishes.:rolleyes:
I was tired and sore at work the next day!


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Feb 15, 2009
Congratulations on your moose. 50 yards...better than nothing at longrange, take it anyday.
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