First focal plane scope advice needed


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Nov 29, 2012
I need to get a new scope for my remington 700 30-06. Have been thinking of trying a first focal plane scope. Would like to stay under $500 if possible. Any advice on brands and reticle style would be appreciated. I want this gun to be versatile for close in or long range shots on a variety of game. Thanks.
I think you need to either adjust your budget, or adjust your needs. Quality ffp scopes do not sell for 500 even used
I've had a FFP Falcon for several years. It was on a 7mm Mag for several hundred rounds, a .308 AR for several hundred rounds, and is now on my son's .308 bolt gun. I have dialed the turrets up and down hundreds of times with no issues. So far I've got my $400 worth out of it.
SWFA's SS 3-9 is $599 but would fit the bill nicely and is a really good way to get info FFP as it is tough as nails, has very repeatable turrets and has a pretty decent reticle to boot. On an '06 it is all the power you need for LR shooting IMO.

Also, don't forget a fixed power scope as an options too. You can learn the concepts of FFP but get into a scope for much cheaper. Bushnells 10x and SWFA has a bunch of them.

Also, the used section here and on the hide is a good place to find good used scopes for a great price. You have to be patient but there are some great deals there. Just do me a favor and look at the post counts on some for sale items. I love how guys will have 3 posts and want you to trust them with your money! Most are trustworthy but there are some scams out there and it seems even more here.


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