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    Oct 6, 2004
    I remember a while ago reading a post saying that you don’t need anymore than a 22” barrel on a 30-06.

    I am reading one of O’Connor’s books right now, and he is talking about ballistics. He states that factory ammo ballistics can’t really be relied on because the manufactures test guns are usually longer barreled then the standard hunting rifle. He stated that most 30-06 barrels are 22”, but that the ammo manufactures test with a 24” barrel.

    I notice that Remington puts a 22” on their BDL 30-06, but has a 24” on their CDL 30-06, does this mean the CDL will shoot the same rounds with more velocity?

    Does it also mean that the CDL will achieve advertised velocities from factory ammo, and the BDL wont?
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    Jun 12, 2004

    Will the 2" longer barrel produce more velocity with the same load, YES. How much more, hard to say, probably not a great deal in a 30 cal round with a case capacity of the '06.

    Probably looking at 15 to 20 fps per inch of barrel.

    Will the 24" production barrel equal test ballistics, NO.

    Simply because all the big companies use test barrels and not factory spec barrels for their performance testing. It is really not the barrel langth but the chamber, throat and bore dimensions that will either produce more velocity if they are held to tight specs or produce lower velocity with looser specs such as in a factory rifle.

    If you take a 24" Lilja barrel and chamber it with a match grade 30-06 chamber with a quality tight throat, you would most assuredly reach published velocity specs with factory ammo.

    I would not expect to even if the barrel was 26" on the factory rifle.

    Good Shooting!!

    Kirby Allen(50)