elk decoys.

I've never heard of anyone using elk decoys, other than the Game and Fish to catch poachers. :)

Are you by chance the maker of this product?
Theres a few on the market that can be used. Usually during archery when the elk are in rut. One to watch out for tho is a cow elk looking back. Having spent alot of time waching elk, Id avoid that particular decoy on account of the ''startled'' look. I call for some of my stick flingin buddies,and weve have had some success. however I do not have personal experience in the art of ''decoying'' elk tho it does look tempting, and the theory seems is sound.
Montana Decoy, that's all you need!! One cow elk butt and one cow elk side profile, get them back into the shadows in the timber and get down wind but between the bulls and the decoy and start giving those bulls a little whine estrus cow call, Bingo!
Hey bigngreen, have you used both of those? The side profile looking back is the one I mentioned above. I can see the cow butt working, but Like I mentioned earlier, I have NO experience actualy using them
We put a hook in the top of them and hang the decoy from a tree limb. Too difficult to poke the steel legs into the ground. Tie a little weight to the bottom of the decoy to keep it from whipping around in the wind.

We have used both at the same time, they work better if you get them back in the shadows or behind stuff and lightly concealed. We've had real good luck with the cow looking back, we use a lot of cow talk and it gives the illusion that she waiting for him or talking to an elk behind her. We set the shooter out in front of her and down wind from the decoy and I run back about 50 yrds behind her in the timber so it kinda looks and sound like she is the last one working into the timber and they come hard right past the shooter.
Slick set up. I always make an effort to call them past my buddy, or at least split off behind them a ways. I may have to look into this decoy thing a bit more
Slick set up. I always make an effort to call them past my buddy, or at least split off behind them a ways. I may have to look into this decoy thing a bit more

I'ts hard to get far enough to do a good job calling cause you want to see the action but you have to get back, I'm usually 80-100 yrds behind the shooter by the time I have them on the string and I stop moving.
I'm rigging my decoys like RockyMtnMt, stakes of any kind are a pain in the butt and slows you down!!
I've got to do the same.
I ran into the outfit using these instant elk decoys
a couple years back,
I acctually stocked it thinking it was the real thing ,
he had like 5 o 6 set up going up the hill in a clear cut, just entering th black timber,
seriously, couldn't tell they were rags untill i we just about ready to through a arrow at one, when 2 saw me move and trotted off, the others just stood there. Holly smokes they were decoys. that was cool. Ya it was a decoy i was about to arrow.
I ended up talking to these guys.
They were camped just around the bend and
across a saddle form our group site.
check them out, I got a card from them at the time.
Black Diamond Hunter Instant Elk Decoys
there was a website but its worn off.
Take a look at this web page.
Black Diamond Hunter Accessories
click on the decoy bar,
now that is cool,
With mt. elk decoys you can't do that.
I'd put the sneek on those.
from what i can see there are 4 body styles and
as they state none are the same .
i just got my income check and i think i will try them out.
20 weeks and counting down.
I'll check back in now and then.
Now Id go for a deek like that. I just dont like the one (made by a different company) that looks like an alarmed cow looking back at you. Even with some peoples success stories while using that one, Id shy away from it. but the Cow butts, and the deeks on that site look like something WORTH looking into for sure! thanks for the post.
Have used the montana decoy at times in NM and CO, I don't know if the
looking back is a look of alarm. Even so you can usually manipulate position to hide the head and change angles if you choose. I had a good bull across a fence and would not jump the fence onto the property- we were legal on. No matter the coaxing and calling I tried. He would howl his head off, pacing and looking for cows. On the 2nd encounter next day the same bull came to the same place that evening. This time I had the montana decoy placed about half visible in the oak brush, the bull zoned in, jumped the fence and trotted toward the decoy, and ended up with his hooves pointed at the sky.
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