Ed Brown vs. McMillan rifles?


Nov 19, 2002
Anyone with any feedback (positive or negative) that you've experienced or heard about with these?
I am sure they are very good. But BIG names mean BIG dollars. If you want a "sniper" rifle to hunt with I have a smith who builds them for some of the best. ie: Mike Miller etc. Shoot me an e-mail and I'll give ya the details.
If you want one exactly like the pic you posted. This is the guy you want to do it!

As I mentioned mine shoots into the .2's all day long. I can shoot any factory ammo under 1/2 inch all day long as well! I have wintesses too!!!
Are you talking about Nor- Cal Precision? I came across them the other day and am interested in them to do some smith work on my sedero 300 win mag.
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