Does adding a muzzle break affect accuracy?


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Dec 18, 2011
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I am about to purchase a 300 RUM, although I am not yet sure on the model. I was looking at the Remington Sendero, Browning A-Bolt, and Browning X-bolt. If I buy one without a break, would having one put on mess up my accuracy. I've read that changing the harmonics of a barrel can be good or bad for accuracy.
No, in most cases they improve accuracy due to less recoil. I just shot a 2" three shot group at 720 yards today with a brake on.

Jeff less shoulder pain from magnum cartridges.

.....additionally more money in your wallet from less visits to the chiropractor.:)
The only reason I could go with that would be, If you are taking a 26" barrel and adding a brake you are adding length to the rifle and not sacrificing any functional barrel length. If you do 2" of porting to the existing 26" barrel you are releasing the gasses and pressure at 24" so you have lost some functional barrel length. But I don't think the brake it self does anything to cause loss of velocity.

If a brake is installed ''ABSOLUTELY'' true to the bore and with the correct bullet clearance
the only thing it should effect is the harmonics because it adds length and weight to the barrel
That change may require a different load or an adjustment to the load you are using.

Ported brakes are not as efective at reducing recoil and normally reduce velocity a little because they effectively reduce the barrel length buy a small amount.

I have had both typs of brakes and recomend the add on type to keep the integrity of the barrel
intact and have total control of the installation.

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