Different 338 OTM's?


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Oct 1, 2007
I am working up a load for my Edge with RL33. I have a bunch of 300 gr Elite hunters (PN 33556, which is the current # on Berger's web page) and a big box of Hybrid OTM Tactical in the YELLOW BOX (Part # 33794...which is NOT current) The BC listed on the YELLOW box of OTM's is EXACTLY the same as the Elite Hunters. The BC Listed on the Berger Web page shows a different BC for the current TAN BOX OTM's.

If I remember correctly :)eek:) the old OTM's (Yellow box) were identicle to the Elite Hunters (orange box) except jacket thickness.

Will I be wasting my time working up a load with my old OTM's to find a load with my hunting bullets? Obviously I will fine tune with the Elite hunters....just trying to save them and shoot up the OTM's.