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May 20, 2009
Sonoma County, CA
I would like to have a rifle built for my Fiance. She is 105lbs and doesn't do too well with ALOT of recoil. Her current hunting rifle is a .243 and she LOVES it. I would like to have a rifle built for her that she can hunt out to extended ranges, maybe 800-1000 yds. Any Ideas on a caliber?

Prefer NO muzzlebrake if possible.
I will most likely start this build with a 700 SPS

Might help if you made mention of what game you plan on hunting. We talking medium game or large elk like creatures? Also what is your target on weight?
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Lighter the better for the rifle weight.... As far as game,she would be chasing, Deer, Hogs, and Black Bear. Would be nice if it were capable of taking any game species in the states. Never know if she will decide to go out of state and try for a elk.
If I'm understanding correctly your criteria is a rifle capable of taking deer, hogs, black bear 800-1000 yards and any game species in the states would be nice, light rifle and no muzzle brake and not much recoil.

A light rifle and mild recoil can vary quite a bit from one individual to another. For me light is less then 10 lbs including scope and mild recoil would be no more than recoil similar to 308. So based on my individual preferences I'd be hard pressed to find a cartridge that would be capable of taking deer, hogs, black bear 800-1000yards efficiently.

As an example a 300winmag IMHO would be minimum cartridge...maybe, some would say yes and others no...but even then your talking about recoil that is quite a step up from a 243.

I guess what I'm trying to say is somethings got to give in the equation but, I'm sure others will hopefully jump in and offer their input.
Honestly, no brake, light rifle, and good out to 1k isn't gonna happen. You could look at some of the 6.5's. With the heavier bullet weights you can stretch them out a bit without crazy recoil. I'm sure it's more than the old 243 but maybe not bad enough with a proper recoil pad to cause bad habits to develop. I'm not sure it is going to hold the energy you would need to turn a marginal shot into a sure thing though. Anything but the perfect shot might leave you with wounded game. Maybe someone will have a good idea for you but I just don't think you are going to get everything you are asking for on this one.
A 260 or 7-08 can be built in a rifle that will shoot 800 meters, however you probably shouldn't shoot at Elk or bear quite that far far out with it. IMO the heavier you could make the rifle the better you'll be for extended range. Get her a good Eberlestock pack. It'll make packing a heavier rifle easier.
I agree. You will need to back off on the ranges, or increase the caliber. A braked rifle will change the equation significantly. If you go with a good brake I think you can make your weight and range goals by going with a larger cartridge.

Remington 7mm-08 with 168 gr. Berger vld. It will hammer deer and black bears over 1,000yds. My wife and 2 of my friends wives shoot the same loads in all their rifles and they are all deadly out to 1,255 yds. Very little recoil with 26" factory rifle. No brakes.
But all of them shoot alot. 2-3,000 rounds a year.
Practice and shot placement!gun)
Two rifles that will make it to 1K easy enough for what you mentioned. A 257 Wby with a 1-8 twist 28 inch barrel and 130 gr RBBT Wildcats is relatively mild as far as recoil goes. I have a brake for mine but took it off and shoot without it (of course I weigh a little more than 105#). The Wildcat bullet carries a lot of weight down range with really good sectional density. If you do not lighten up the rifle too much the recoil will be manageable.

A 264 Win mag with a 140 class bullet will have more recoil but is the same case with better bore diameter.

I might shy away from shooting a bear at 1K with them because you really don't want to get into dealing with a wounded bear if things don't go well and a lot of times things don't go well.

What I did with my kids is let them practice a lot with a 308 and save the over bore rifles for hunting. Worked out very well for them. So I would suggest that the 243 would be the practice rifle and 257 or 264 Mag be the hunting rifle.
look no further 7mm rem mag. its less recoil than the 300 win and more afective than 270s and 7-08s l take brown bear and grizzly and ibex from 500 too 1000 meters with a 7 rem mag and its my favorite calibre. 150 grain federal classic 350 yards on a massive hog bullet went through the bellt and out of the oter side and huge blood trail the hog onl went 20 yard before it died. blood was hoseing out of him. so go for it mate its a beautiful and preety lookin cartridge she will love it.:)
My wife shoots my 270 WSM very comfortably, it's 12.5 lbs though but she shoots it as good if not better than I do at 1000yrds. When the 169.5 Wildcat bullets start cranking for it, it will be an awesome way to go.
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