criterion REM-AGE and other Q's


Nov 27, 2013
hi everybody, I'm about to start my first build and I have a few questions

1. My 20 year old 700 barrel is just about on its last legs, group sizes have been increasing steadily for the past few years and it is unacceptable now. there are no smiths around here and I don't really like sending gun parts through the mail, so I'm thinking a rem-age barrel might be the way to go for me. does anyone have any experience with them?

2. I'm thinking about going with 243 win, for a high BC and easily obtained brass. most of my shooting will be 600ish yards with the occasional shot out to 1000. I mostly shoot steel, but might use it for yotes or groundhogs too. is this a good caliber choice?

3. Will I have any feeding problems mounting a 243 bbl on a long action? I think the Army's M24 is built on a long action but I'm not sure.

thanks for the help and expect more questions in the future.


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Jul 14, 2008
I do not have any experience with a Rem-age, but mega experience with Savage's. I do not think you will have feeding issues using a L.A., but lets hope someone speaks up with firsthand knowledge on this one. I have a Mauser L.A. with a .260 barrel on it, feeds fine but there is a difference in the bolts. I like barrels 26"-28". Northland Shooting Supplies has everything you need to do this. Google NSS Jim Briggs is the owner and a heck of a nice man to deal with. You'll need a 1-8 twist to shoot heavy bullets up to 107 grains.I hope this helps, I load for a few .243-6MM stuff and shoot longrange with them.

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