Could someone run Quickload for me?

Dear Sir,
I just got home from the shop, that is where the 300 ultra brass is. If I remember correctly, the comic books stated that the UM case has 13% more capacity over the 300 WBY. Based on that I ran with a case overflow of 113 gr of water. If it is much different than this, post the volume/weight.

90 gr RL 25, 220 MK 3.65" oal, 26"bbl, Case volume of 113 gr. water. 2925fps/58500psi.

I have found that using 58000 as my max number corresponds well to what I have read on my brass. Asking for a 65000psi load results in primers you can remove with a good puff. I have found that QuickLOAD is right on the money with Hodgdon powders, but it out with RL-XX. Use caution, start at about 80 gr of RL 25, please don't sue me....
Hey Steve
Since your feeling so generous. How about a load for a 270/300Rum using a 135 grain MK and 150gr nosler ballistic tip with H870 or AA8700. A starting load would be best, somewhere around 50-55K psi.
Thanks in advance.

Steve Smith

OH! Almost forgot, I measured the 27/300 case and overflow weighr was right at 112.5 grains of water.
No problem TX!

135 MK, 97gr H870, 53400psi, 3290 fps
150 BT, 94gr H870, 54000psi, 3160 fps

The program didn't list AA8700.

Be careful, work up to these by about 5 grains, please don't sue me.

Welcome to Long Range Hunting, I see we have you hard at work already! Thanks for the assistance.
Thanks a bunch! Steve

I realy needed a good reference point and that's what you gave me. The only thing close that I had to go off of was 7mm Rum load data, but I was realy kind of hesitant to use that for fear of overload.

I Promise I won't sue. I'd rather be out lots of money than put money in a laywers pocket.
By any chance, your not a laywer, are ya?
Pleased to have found your site Mr. King, I have lots of questions of my own yet, hope to answer more than I ask. I am not a lawyer Mr. Smith, but a lawyer would have a hay-day with me it he could. I manufacture rifle actions up here in Canada, on a small scale, but growing. I have this really neat action in .338 Lapua I'm developing loads for right now.........question to follow in appropriate forum, bed time.

Good to have you here, the site was started by Len as a safe haven for LR and ULR hunters. I just hang around and answer questions every now and again

I stopped by your website (I believe it was the correct site) to look at the products. Will the 338 Lapua action be a bigger version of the Ti action?
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