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Apr 21, 2008
South Africa
Went bush pig hunting 2 weeks ago with some hounds. I just bought a 303 Enfield rifle for hog hunting because its almost impossible to buy a AR over here and the thick bush we are hunting does not make sense to carry around an expensive rifle.

Was standing on a dam wall to get a better view of the river where the dogs were busy when this large boar came jogging up. I hid behind the wall the give him some time to get closer. The grass is quite tall and was difficult to follow him. Started to walk in line with its path to cut it off. I spotted the boar at 30 meters walking very slowly. I went for a brain shot behind the ear but missed with an inch. The boar immediately charged, the follow up shot was too early and it shattered the left front paw which made it veer of a bit. The third shot was at point blank range through the heart and it fell 10 yards further after it passed me. Was a close call.

I realized the sites of my rifle do not align fast enough resulting in a close encounter. What sites will work better? I currently have the original ghost ring sites on the rifle. Its a 24inch full stock barrel. Any suggestions will be much appreciated.

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Way to stand your ground!!!!

I know nothing about mounting things on the Lee Enfield but I have found those holographing 1x sights such as the EoTech to be great for your kind of shooting. There are models that a re very reasonable.

If you are going to continue to be that up close and personal I suggest a good thick pair of "heavy" leather chaps. :) Maybe even a full suit of armor. :D
Great story - It took alot of nerve to stand your ground - I guess you didn't have much of a choice - you got the job done - Great job!!!
Sorry can't help with your sight ?
Cool story, very interesting. A boar attack like that has to be kind of scary:)
Glad to know you finished the job just in time.
Those hogs are really cool looking.
Jinx, I really enjoyed the story. Roy had a good idea with the chaps or armor. Another suggestion: if the Enfield is still military, it'll mount a bayonet.

Only half joking, Tom
I'll +1 on the holo sight, it really helps with quick target acquisition and getting bullets where they need to go for close shots like that.

Good story and watch it, those pigs can really put some hurt on you.
Go with either an Aimpoint or Eotech. I've had both and each are great for close in work. Let me know if you need to know what the differences are, I've got a ton of info and not sure if you want to hear it.
Good decision to hold your ground...easier to aim/shoot than on the run. Congratulations on getting him down.
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Go with either an Aimpoint or Eotech. I've had both and each are great for close in work. Let me know if you need to know what the differences are, I've got a ton of info and not sure if you want to hear it.

The Eotech sights look really nice, but will it be able to take a beating. We hunt in very dense jungle which is very wet. Please provide more info on the Aimpoint if possible. Thanx in advance.
Both of the sights are used by the US military. However, Aimpoint just secured a contract for the Comp M4s model for the official sight of the US military. I believe they ordered over half a million sights. The Aimpoints are very rugged, almost impossible to knock off of zero, very water resistant (if not proof), offer a single 2 or 4 MOA dot for viewing, and have an 8 year continuous battery life from a single AA battery. That's right, I said 8 year life and that's with the unit on. All Aimpoints are parallax-free and will work in all light conditions and all temperatures "from the sub-zero temperatures of the Arctic to the heat and humidity of the tropics". That's a quote from their catalog. You can also mount a 3X magnifier behind the Aimpoint to make it a 3X scope. Also, you can use a PVS-14 Night Vision Device behind the Aimpoint if you have access to such things.

The Eotech offers a 1MOA dot surrounded by a 65MOA circle. This offers a little better reticle to pick up on in super fast situations and it's a range finding reticle but I can't find a lot of info on how to find range with it. The Eotechs are paralx-free as well but the battery life is only around 1,000 hours for most models. The Eotechs with the 5-1-* designation like the 512 or the 516 are not night vision compatible. The Eotechs with the 5-5-* designation like the 557 or the 553 are. If you aren't going to use night vision with them then there isn't really a reason to spend the extra $100 on the unit. Otherwise, the only difference is really the batteries used in the Eotech. Many use 2 AA while others use the CR123 battery.

Some people who have "older" eyes don't like the Eotech reticle. They say that it is blurry. This is usually due to the fact that the user wears bifocals and has a hard time picking up on the target and the reticle at the same time. Both of these sights are meant to be used both eyes open. The human brain combines the images in both eyes to make one image. This is where these types of sights rule the market because you have such a wide field of view and are able to shoot at several close range targets in a short amount of time. This feature also helps to engage moving targets.
Let me know if this helps your decision.

I know this is a lot to take in, feel free to email me at [email protected] if you have any questions as to how to go about ordering one or prices.
I also liked the story and the pic! Also, I'd like to echo that you did a great job of keeping your head and standing your ground! I also like the holographic dot sights for rapid target acquisition. The real test will be finding a mount. Good luck and good shooting!

South Dakota Bad Lands
I tried the same shot boar hunting but with a bow. Same outcome I was an inch off and the boar charged me. Got the gun off my back and up in time to kill it almost at my feet....

It'll get the old adrenaline pumpin for sure!
If you liked it with that one, you should have been there for this one, for comparison, that is a 14" barreled Contender, and I have my hand right between his shoulder blades. One would think a 140gr Ballistic Tip running 2250 at the muzzle would have been plenty for a 40yd shot huh, sure worked good on the other ones we tested it on. LOL


Luckily I DID have a rifle just far enough behind me against a tree to get the second shot into him. He still went past and turned to come back, but only made it a few steps before falling over.

Adrenalin, yea I had plenty of that goin for sure. LOL
If you can mount the EOTECH that may work fine. Don't go with the Aimpoint they suck, trust me. Those thing were forced on Soldiers and most of us hate them. I'd rather run open sites than an Aimpoint, but the EOTECH is great. IMHO after doing alot of close quarters Hog hunting in East Texas, I would recomend a short lever gun like a Marlin Guide Gun, if you can't get an AR. You can run XS ghost ring sights and an EOTECH on the Marlin.
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