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Nov 1, 2009
Cross Timbers MO
I'm pretty new to the long range shooting and just started reloading and now I'm interested in a chronograph. Any suggestions ?? An affordable one would be preferred. And howcan I use it to develope better loads. I've also read some threads wher people were sceptical about chronys and they used other tests other than chronys to develope accurate loads. I'd like to hear some of those ideas as well. Thanks for any input!!
Chrony's are getting up there in price, depending on what model you get, but in all reality, you'll be saving money if you just get THIS ONE
Chrony's are a great tool and I always use one when shooting if possible. That being said, most chrony's on the market are not precision instruments. One will vary from another. I haven't used a CED M2 yet, but it's next on my list.

In another thread, I said I wouldn't use ES's generated by a chrony to select or reject a load and that's the way I feel for the most part. I prefer a good sampling of data on a particular load combined with actual groups sizes at ranges of 300 yds and more to make a load choice.

A chrony can give me good ball park info and take a lot of guess work out but actuall shooting tells me the overall performance and decides what velocity and BC to use for drops.

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+1 on the CED Chrono. I have both the first and second models of the CED. when set up in tamdem and fired through they agree within 5fps. I really like the RSI shooting lab program that comes with the Chroongraph. The exterior ballistics agree with the PM ballistics program by Bryan Litz, JBM, and the Iphone program Ballistics FTE. The RSI program has other applications built into it that are very useful, Ext. ballistics, interior ballistics, firearm logs, load records, targets,and cartridge info.
You need to shop around because prices are always changing, but when I boght mine...
1 in cart -- $189.99 each

Subtotal: $189.99
Handling & Insurance: $4.50
Total: $194.49

They had good Price and free shipping.
Another vote for the CED M2. I have had a PACT, and used several other brands. The CED is tops hands down. Well, unless an Oehler 35P falls in your lap!
Check out this link: Chronograph by CED Millennium

Also, if you google for best rated chronographs you will find all kinds of info.

Doug, that's a good report, I enjoyed it. Also it's important to notice that that excellent report was for the "CED Millennium Chronograph" and not for the "CED M2 Millennium Chronograph" which replaced the former one. This later is even better. Much better... :)
Do you have the infrared skyscreens and rechargeable battery pack with yours? Just wondering how much of an improvement the infrared system is on cloudy days.
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