CDN LR Hunter Seeks Asylum in gun friendly country


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Jun 8, 2001
Calgary, Alberta, Canada
I appologise for this being off topic but things are getting desperate here, north of the 49th parallel.

Are there any long-range hunters who would consider sponsoring a Canadian for "political asylum" in your lovely country? I am getting tired of being persecuted by my government for my beleifs that a citizen should be able to own and use firearms.

I wouldn't take up much room and I clean up after myself.
My wife hunts and shoots as well so we would fit in perfectly.

Peter Cronhelm
The "games" haven't started yet. Wait till next year when "all" of the firearms are registered. We can only hope that the size of this program causes it to collapse under its own weight. At least, there will probably be extensions and grace periods while our government tries to come up with plan B.

For over 1/2 billion$ and probably closer to 1 billion$, Canada is not one inch closer to stopping the criminal element or their use of illegal firearms. At least they will know that the smuggled sub machine gun they find at the crime scene was not registered and the owner unlicensed, so they can throw a few more charges at him.

But, they will not be able to get medical help for the wounded because the gov't shut down all the hospital after the medical staff left the country cause the medical system ran out of money. I feel safer already...

Use it or loose it,
Hay Peter
I have one extra bed room and a extra bath I would never move to the lower 48 do you mind chooping wood and can your wife help out with dishes and cooking If so then apply to the US and then just head north OH and when schould we expect you
:Coyote Slayer
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