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Oct 13, 2016
I'm looking at the hornady case lenght trimmer, what is everyone's opinion on this tool, I also looked at the lyman one, which is better. I've been using the lee cheap one but found it was scratching the inside of the necks.
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Buy once cry once. Going from cheap to cheaper might not be as good of a deal as you think.... I went LE Wilson and it's the best i could imagine.. I also bought a Forster and didn't like it at all.
I have the Hornady, it does what it’s supposed to do.
Most lathe type trimmers are dependent on case rim thicknes. So it can vary the length some, is it enough to matter, I don’t believe so. I like it, but if I could afford the WFT for all my cartridges, I would get them.
I have 2 trimmers, neither are what I would call cheap.
One is the RCBS Trim Pro, the other is the Redding 2400.
They both do the same job, the Redding is less fiddly for my comp cartridges, so this is what it’s used for. The RCBS gets used for everything else.
The 3-way cutters are the best thing about them, trying to remove cases with burrs is an absolute PITA.

I won’t comment on the Hornady, no experience with it and I dislike EVERYTHING HORNADY.

The RCBS is what I would recommend, simple to use/adjust and holds it’s setting over a couple hundred cases if you don’t slam the stop into the body when withdrawing the pilot.
A tip; put a couple of ‘O’ rings on the cutter shaft behind the cutter head, this dampens the impact when it hits the body if the pilot is hard to withdraw, this WILL change your setting, when you don’t have the 3-way cutter......get one, your life will be simpler.

The only other trimmer I have experience with is the Lyman basic trimmer. It was cheap and a real PITA to adjust. Don’t recommend it myself.

I have had great and consistent results with the Little Crow Gunworks trimmer. It’s very fast if you have a bunch of brass to trim and I have found it to produce low variation in case length.
Oh, I forgot to mention if you get the Trim Pro, get the Universal case holder version unless you are trimming cases with a head bigger than .595” (416 Rigby) size.

My case trimmer is a RCBS which has done me well for many years. If I was to buy a new trimmer it would be a Redding 2400 as I like the idea of the case being rotated rather than the cutter.
I have had/tried many of the "bench mount" styles (except the Hornady). Wilson wins hands down...
I started out with the Lee hand trimmer back 40 years ago when I first started reloading. After a few years I bought the cheapest Lyman bench mounted hand crank then they came out with a replacement shaft that you use with a drill to turn it. After about 30 years this trimmer began to wear out and wobble. Just a couple months ago I bought the top of the line Lyman which included both of the spindles and mounted the drill crank one and it does a great job. I mount my bench models on a board that I can then clamp with C-clamps to my bench when needed and can then be removed to give me more room when not needed.
Thanks everyone, is rcbs the only trimmer that makes a 3 way cutter?, also would it fit on the lyman trimmer?
Forster also make a 3 way cutter head but they are caliber specific (not cartridge specific). They will fit on any case trimmer with a shaft diameter of 0.490".
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