Carbon or something else?

I just saw this thread so forgive me if I repeat some of the tips already mentioned. As already stated, there is a lot of carbon in that barrel. I used to be in the "don't clean it until your groups open up" crowd but changed my tune last year. For anyone reading this, if that method works for you, by all means continue to use it. I'm going to offer a different cleaning method that works for me. I have a few rifles that shoot great without cleaning but I've had a 28 Nosler for about 8 years that I couldn't develop a load for. I sent it back to the original gunsmith and had 2 others look at it but they all said it looked fine. The last GS said the barrel looked good but it was filthy. 🤔 How could it be filthy when I cleaned the heck out of it and the patches came out clean? So I bought a Teslong borescope and looked at the barrel. It was black and cracked for the first 3 inches of the barrel. I had used Hoppes, Sweets 7.62, Boretech, Wipeout, CLR, etc. on this barrel and the patches always came out clean. I ran across a video with Erik Cortina talking about using IOSSO. I've always heard not to use abrasive pastes but I figured I would try it since I was going to rebarrel the rifle anyway. I used it on a bronze brush and it looked like black mud coming out of the barrel. Took the rifle to the range and holy cr@p! What a difference. The rifle went from shooting 3" groups at 100 with horrible ES to shooting .3" at 100. After researching more about cleaning, I have found that IOSSO will not harm your barrel. Neither will bronze brushes, using a drill or reversing mid-stroke. A lot of these statements have been around since I was born and maybe had some merit at some time but not now. Top F Class shooters use some of these methods (minus the reverse stroke).

So, long story short, I use IOSSO on most of my rifles now. How often depends on the rifle and powder used but as a rule, pretty much after every shooting session. I also use bronze brushes :eek:. I have talked a couple of my PRS buddies into using it and it's helped their rifles as well.

I have attached a video of the throat of my 28 Nosler after shooting only 24 rounds. I'm using R33 which is a very dirty powder but you can see the difference in cleaning. Carbon cleaner used was Bore Tech C4. Give IOSSO a try and report back on your results.

Does iosso remove copper also?
Need some help here . I am not familiar with carbon rings at all . This is in my friends rifle I was starting load development for hammer Hunter bullets and found this!!! Picture on the left is a photo of the display on the bore scope as all of the pictures are! Is the white fuzz y stuff reflection or spider webbs? (I don't know how to attach it to my android phone) I tried to show the throat area and what I thought 🤔 was the carbon ring with copper from the dummy round I made up! Yes it stuck in the barrel and tapped out easily! You can see the rough ring around the dummy bullet in the right picture.I believe the bullet may have pulled out of the case a bit when I ejected the round. The third picture is a close up of ( copper ? ) in the throat. Thanks for all your thoughts,comments and or advice .
Well finally got it cleaned used jb non embedding bore paste! Loaded 124 hammer hunters shot 3 getting it on target friend went to his place and did some late season doe culling .Got 5 he was very pleased with the results quarter size exit innards jelly you know the deal !! here great blood trail 60/70 yards done! No meat loss rib shots Many thanks to all you gracious people who helped me with this project . I learned a great deal here thanks Tribb
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Okay, so a couple animals fell. But was accuracy restored to previous levels? I've been following from the beginning in hopes of that information.

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