Can you offer your opinion on these 3 rifles


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Nov 6, 2009
Hello to all,

Im about to buy a another rifle and Id like to get some opinions on these 3 rifles. I just want to see if Im missing anything and make sure that I get the best one for what Im wanting to do with it.

I am wanting a heavy short barrel (20"-22") rifle in .223 or similar that I can use as a carry/call gun (predator hunting) thats short and lighter than the full size 26" heavy barrell models that I already have. I have a Savage Mod 12FV in a 26" heavy BBL and a Rem 700 SPS-V with a 24" heavy BBL. Both of these guns are long and heavy when walking/calling and in and out of vehicles all day. This will mainly be used for hunting predators, but I also want something I can throw on a bipod and shoot longer distance targets/hunting with also. I dont want to have to replace the stock either so Im kinda staying away from the lower end models and choosing something that come from the factory with an aluminum bedding block
Choices are:
1.) Savage Mod 10 Presicion Carbine: 20" BBL in .223 with a 4rd DM and a Accu-Stock and Accu-trigger
2.) Rem 700 LTR: We all know the features on this rifle
3.) Rem 700 XCR Compact tacticle (very pricey!)

Any other suggestions that maybe Im overlooking??
Pleae let me know and thanks in advance.
hello,I can not say much for the list of rifels.but if you are looking for a 223 in a nice rifel you might want to look at a 5R.rem just chambered them this year.and they have a 1:9 twist.and they shoot/clean up just as good as a 308 last group with mine was a .111 with a 77g NCC at 100 yards.and the price is the same mine but thats me. John
If your Savage Model 12FV is a .223, I have a different suggestion.

Buy a new pre-fit barrel and switch barrels. It's easy to do.

I have a Savage 10FLP in 308 with a 24" barrel. I bought a Pac-Nor barrel in 338 Federal and I switch barrels. It only takes me 5 minutes to switch barrels. You do need GO and NO-GO gauges and a barrel nut wrench. I use a regular vise and a wooden barrel block. That's all there is to it. Besides Pac-Nor, prefit Savage barrels are available from Shilen, McGowen, Brux and others. Midway USA also has Shilen pre-fit barrels (their's is 26" so you'd have to have it cut and recrowned to your length.

Check the vendors at Savage Shooters Forum (Sin-Arm and Northland), and they can shorten a new pre-fit barrel to the exact length you want and cut a good crown.
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I have a LTR in .223. Probably one of my most favorite rifles. It's the first and lately the only rifle I grab when I go yote shootin. It's a bit heavy but other than that I love everything about this little rifle.
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