Can someone quickload a couple 280AI loads for me?


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Aug 25, 2014
Wondering about a load profile for the following combos if someone is willing. 280ackley, barrel length 24", RP brass (71.4gr h20 to completely fill the case to the mouth), 9.5M primer. [Let me know if I missed any data needed]

Barnes 145gr LRX, 3.382COAL.
1) IMR7828SSC
2) H4831SC

If also willing I have some 160gr federal bullets which I doubt is in quick load, however the body is similar to a 160gr accubond w/o the polymer tip so I've added that tip length into the COAL value to get 3.540COAL. Same powders.
1) IMR7828SSC
2) H4831SC

I understand the lots of my actual combos will vary, yada yada, just looking for what quickload spits out for comparison. Thanks for anyone that takes the time. :)gun)
With 62 gr of 7828ssc and a 139 gr sst, I am getting 3320 fps out of my 27" barrel .280 AI. MOA @ 100 YARDS.
Why not just buy the software if you reload for more than one gun it's really worth the money.I did it cost me $150 money very well spent just my two cents good luck my 280ai loves the 7828sc
My 24" barrel Cooper 280AI shoots the 168 Berger at 2880 fps. That is with 58.5 gr of H4831SC.
Older thread, already well into load development.

Finding accuracy with the 145lrx @ 3130fps; 63.2gr IMR7827ssc. Last session was running some seating depth checks, .010" off 3-shot grouped 4.5" total (2.25" verticle) at 550yds. Now I have a batch of just those loaded to zero the scope exactly to and also do some more verification it consistently holds.
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