can anyone tell me what rifles i have here?


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Oct 8, 2007
i have a couple of rifles i have no idea what they are, was wondering is somebody could help me out,

1st in a 12 gauge shotgun researched the name but couldnt find anything
2nd falling block chambered in 38-55
3rd kinda looks like a farquarson(sp?) action but has one lever for opening action and another for cocking - chambered in 38-55
4th looks like a lechner action chambered in 38 spl

and help is much appreciated...


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haha ok, ill send them with the others that i have like my p1917 30-06, 303 enfields, pre - 1900 model 94 win 38-55, and the ole percusion cap black pow rifle, must all be junk... :rolleyes:
i forgot to add that the 3 falling blocks all have a name on them of J.R. Benson of Vancoucer BC dated 1963.
I love the side by side, but have no idea.

Those falling blocks look an awful lot like a modified chicopee of some type. Are you sure those are not home builds? I have seen some very impressive homebuilds of similar design on home gunsmithing forums.
Search "Clabrough Brothers" for info on the shotgun. I have a similiar one and remember they are made in Birmingham and were imported under several different variations of the name. Imported to the west coast if memory serves me. Looks like a nice piece but they do not command a large price, probably u under $1,000 but I could be wrong.

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