Let me try this here; what gun is this, and does it have hunting potential?


Aug 25, 2010
No name or caliber or any other marks on the barrel except serial #: Bolt is jeweled, making me think, Savage, and a partial box of 7x08 SAVAGE was found with it. Has a Bushnell Sportview, no markings of any kind, mounted in "Weaver USA" rings, bridging the action, making me think, Long-action. Serial "K2291" on barrel and action. No nut holding the barrel. On the left side of the protruding rear of the bolt, on its wider part, is a small "lightning-bolt", and on the narrower portion is a number: upside-down smile, 54, and a crossed-through Zero (not barred). The whole narrower portion moves forward upon firing. The safety-lever is blued. The round bolt-handle is slightly curved downwards, ½ flat, ½ round. It has a fixed box-magazine whose floor-plate runs the full length of the action (8½"), with two screws, and a slightly oval hole just ahead of the trigger-guard (milled). Barrel is 19", with a rounded crown. The stock is stepped at the rear scope-mount. No provision for iron sights. There is an oval, milled hole in the left side of the action, just behind and below the front sight-mount. There is no provision for a front sight. Barrel is slightly tapered. It is glass bedded. The Monte Carlo stock is extra high, has a nice cheek-weld, and is two-toned. The fore-end has a forward sloping chin of darker wood, as does the bottom-plate of the wrist. The "checkering" is unusual: it is an engraving of "curlyque" pattern, on the wrist and on three sides of the fire-end, in a flying scallop design. There are sling-swivels installed. Very minor dings and rust. What sort of gun is this, and can it become a LR Hunter? Thanks. -ACE
Still need pics! Even here.

Get the chamber cast. That will tell you what it is.

+1 with Roy, just no way to tell.
However..... If I were to take a "W.A.G." I'd GUESS k-98 mauser WWII military issue? (lightening bolt could be S/S?), or tanker mauser, either way, it would've been completely re-worked/sporterised, possibly in a Weatherby stock (i don't even know if this is possible) Remember, This is a completely wild @$$ guess. We need pics to make an educated guess.
But by all means cast the chamber, don't just trust that it is a 7mm-08 because of the box ammo found near it.
Thanks for the reply

I am just learning to use the Photo feature on my MacBook, and have the pics ready to attach, but can't yet. BTW, the ammo mentioned DOES chamber and extract perfectly, but I would not consider firing it yet. Thanks again. -ACE
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