Buying Wind Meter Help


Nov 4, 2009
Hey guys I am in the market for a wind meter and I was looking for advice on which is the best and which is the best for the money. Thanks a lot
i don't know about the best, or cheapest or whatever. but, a lot of guys use the kestrels here. i bought the 3500 model, it works great, and came highly recommended.
Thanks for the input I was looking at the kestrel and skymate. I guess I will look harder at the kestrel.
Good timing on your question. In the next week or two I am going to be offering wind meters for sale in the LRH Gear Shop at 2 distinctly different price points.

One is the no-frills Caldwell unit that offers NO pressure/altitude readings. The other is the Kestrel 3500 which seems to be the preferred one for those who actually use pressure/altitude readings taken from the field to make drop corrections.
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