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Oct 2, 2006
Just looking for a little help. My son shoots a 30-06 and I have loaded some 168 Barnes X triple shocks. Last year he lost a mule deer on what was appreared to be a really good shoulder shot. I wondered after that if maybe there was not enough velocity at 2950 fps to open the bullet up enough. I know many of you shoot 30-06 rifles. What bullets and grain weights have you had good success with? I was thinking of going to a 150 gr Barnes triple shock or maybe a hornady interbond (which I hear are hard to find) or 150 grain nosler partition.
We live in Saskatchewan and shoot deer, moose and elk.
Any help/suggestions would be great. Thx
If you just want to kill stuff out to 400 yards with a 06 the Hornady 150-165gr Spirepoint is deadly. Have taken more deer and elk with those two bullets than all the rest put together.

But now if you want to shoot the 06 to its max for mule deer and elk I strongly recommend the Berger 190gr or the Accubond 200gr You can get 2700fps or better using RE17 and the Accubond quite easily and that will put a bull down out to 700 yards with a well placed hit. Took a 5 point bull at 465 yards two seasons ago with the 200gr Accubond and a good 6 point bull at 300 yards three years ago with the 150gr Spirepoint. Neither went over 10 feet.

These are the only bullets I'm really familiar with and can recommend with confidence.
I'm an Accubond freak, so I'd say 165's or 180's in either Accubond or Partition.
However, kcebj is an avid -06 user & if he says 200gr Accubond performs well with -06 velocities you can take it to the bank.

I shot an -06 from age 13 to 30, & had alot of success with 180 Spire Points, Partitions, Accubonds, & even the ol' cheapo corelokt on many Deer, Elk, & Bear.
I have a soft spot for the tried & true 30-06. Killed a lot of critters with mine, including many firsts: first buck, first bear, first bull, first coyote & tons of other stuff. It just plain worked for me with 180's.
I have had good success on mule deer and white tails from 50 500 yards with my 30-06 using Hornady 165 SST's.
I would try Woodleigh protected points if you can locate some. Available in weights from 130 - 240gr, they are a bonded bullet with a soft lead core. They will expand consistantly in thin skinned game but won't come apart when the going gets tough like most bullets having a harder lead alloy core will.
The interlocks others have mentioned will do very well at the speed an '06 can deliver. If they don't group in your gun, a sierra or nosler will do about as well. The only time I'd go premium with an '06 is if you had to get away from lead core bullets. I've had 4 30-06 rifles and 3 of 4 liked 165 hornady sp and 4350 with a wlr or mag primer. The last was sold before I tried that load so I'll never know.

150's with 4895 or 4064 are classic for this cal. rl15 or varget would work also
165-180 with 4350, 4831, or rl 22 are about the best you'll get
200 with 4831 or rl22, but I 4350 can do 2600 fps with a 200 sierra and is very acurate in the pipes I've tried it in.
220 with 4831 or rl22 will provide good thump closer
You could not pile the WT deer up in a acre field that I and some others that I load for have killed with 150 Sierras and 51.2 grs IMR 4064. Drives tacks and drops deer dead. For elk those 200 Accubonds sound pretty good to me.
I'd bet you didn't hit the deer where you thought. a 168 txs bullet is awesomw. have heard quite a few say i hit it right here and later discover it wasn't hit where it was thought. for moose elk and deer that 168 is perfect.
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