Budget LR rig for fathers day gift


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Aug 28, 2003
I stumbled into a steal the other day on a remington 700 SPS varmint with a 5.5-22x56 night force zerostop and a bunch of extras for 2k. it came with nightforce rings, nightforce 20moa rail, 200 lapua brass 250 168gr amax, 100 sierra 175gr MK, 1k cci BR2 primers, and an RCBS competition die set for 308, and 5 boxes of 168gr match ammo. The rifle doesn’t appear to have been shot much if at all and everyting else is LNIB. I was a little worried it might be stole until I saw he still had all the boxes and reciepts for everything.

I had originally thought of selling it as I didn’t need another 308 LR rig, I have a pierce engineering tube gun action and bartlein barrel getting put together right now for a 308 LR RIG. This nightforce will end up on the elessio chassis replacing a SWFA SS 16x42. Then I thought about how my dad has been talking about getting himself a LR rig ever since one of his close firends started shooting f class matches. My old man would go but just watch since he didn’t have anything to shoot out to 600 yards. I figured since this thing is essecially free I might as well put it together for my dad.

I took the SPS varmint 308, left the nightforce 20moa rail on it and put the SWFA SS 16x42 on it. I ordered a boyds pro varmint stock with adustable cheek piece for it. I was thinking about getting the Jard inc trigger upgrade for the xmark pro trigger in the 16 oz kit. It should turn out to be a decent LR setup that won’t cost me much.

This is how it sits right now.

this is the stock I ordered for it.

I don’t think it has been shot much if at all as there is no fowling in the barrel and no wear on the muzzle. I’m hoping it shoots because I didn’t really have a budget for a new barrel. Aside from better rings what else am I missing.

Also does anybody have any experience with that jard inc trigger upgrade kit? I have jewels on both my long range rigs and I’m kind of spoiled with them. I’m not expecting this to be as nice as the jewel but should be better than the stock xmark pro by a mile.


Feb 8, 2015
Central Coast, Santa Maria California
My sps varmint 308 was an amazing shooter. Actually was my first long range rifle I built when I was 18. I think you were wise to buy that stock for it and although I only have 1 Boyd's stock, it is brilliantly made and affordable. I used the $100 timney trigger for mine, set it at 2.2lbs and it shot lights out. Usually about 1/2 moa to 300 then spread to 3/4-1 moa out to 600. Never did much farther with the 168 due to low bc. For 1000 yards it shot about 1 moa with 175 smks. Be prepared to load anything over 168gr pretty hot because it is difficult to get good stability to a bullet that heavy in the 1-12 twist unless at optimum velocities. Luckily, you have a 26 inch tube. My sps accuracy would dwindle however, when the barrel got too much grit in it. Usually had to clean after about 25 rounds to keep accuracy tame. I think you made a good purchase and your old man will be pleased with that rig.

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