Bryan Litz; a Patriot!


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Aug 10, 2010
As a veteran I'd like to personally thank Bryan Litz for being a great patriot! As per Kevin Owens, Green Beret ret. and former project manager for the military's new sniper rifle the MK22 MRAD, Bryan Litz, on his own dime with nothing personal to gain, volunteered and travelled to Texas to teach 2 days of ballistics classes to the team working on the project as well as helping refine the testing methods during the development of the MK22 MRAD.
This awesome rifle system comes with 3 barrels in .308, .300 NM, & .338 NM. It all comes in a kit and is designed to allow quick barrel replacement "in the field" without having to send to the armory. All 3 have been mapped to be within 1.5 MOA zero so re-zeroing isn't required even when switching calibers. Pretty amazing! Oh and pretty interesting that they selected the Berger 215 Hybrid as the projectile for the 300 NM.

Bryan Litz, my hat's off to you friend! I had allot of respect for you and your accomplishments before. I have even more now. You are a Patriot!

Thank you for your tremendous support for our country's fighting men and women....