Browning XBolt or Sako85 for new LRH Build


Oct 26, 2019
New to LRH Forum - I have the opportunity to purchase (lightly used) either a SAKO Finnlight85 or a Browning Xbolt SS in 300 WSM. Sako has a 1:11 twist barrel (not good for the heavier bullets) and Browning has a 1:10 twist. Excellent price on either - So a deal I could not pass up.

Planning on possibly rebarrelling rifle and replace stock with an upgraded aftermarket brand (McMillan or equal). Use will be for LR Hunting. Considering either keeping the 300 WSM or moving to a 270 WSM.

Which action would be the best basis for a build?

Which action would be able to handle the longer ogive VLD type bullets (like Bergers, etc) without extensive modifications to the action?

Availability of aftermarket stocks and triggers appears to be there for either from my searches on the web.

I believe the gunsmiths I use can rebarrel either action - So that should not be an issue.
I had heard from another thread that the Sako action is already trued and is a pretty solid action - But the 1:11 twist barrel is a limitation and most likely would need to be replaced.


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Aug 16, 2016
I wouldn't buy either of those rifles with the intention of rebarreling and swapping out the stock. Just start fresh with a nice custom action .

Long live Remmy700


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Dec 27, 2008
Fernie BC, Canada
I like the sako action, but if memory serves me right its mag length is only 2.9” which limits you to seating some bullets pretty deep. Which still works (I ran the 230 otm in my wsm at 2.88”) but most guys don’t like to seat bullets that deep. I also dont think there is much you can do to gain mag length due to the mag latch/trigger housing design.

I haven’t played with the browning enough to know, but if you are going to rebarrel and restock anyways start with a custom long action magnum receiver. There are some decent actions for not a ton of $$ (defiance tenancy or gunwerks grb come to mind) You will end up fairly close in price anyways, and you will have a rifle thats put together the way you want.


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Dec 5, 2018
270 Wsm sweet but I have been pleasantly surprised how forgiving the 300 Wsm is with builds. Did 300 WSM in a 700 long action and a SAKO 85 short action. Obviously more bullet options with the 700 LA. But a lot can be done with the SAKO 85! Smooth, tight and strong the 85 is impressive with 174 Hammers and 190 LRAB with factory mag length. LRH member Doug Duey has been very helpful to me with these projects.


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