1. G

    SOLD/EXPIRED Browning M-71 348 Win

    Still in original box. 1800 obo
  2. hoskier

    SOLD/EXPIRED Browning X-Bolt .26 Nosler

    Browning X-Bolt .26 Nosler 26" barrel, No scope, but has Leopold bases and rings $1099+shipping to your FFL. Local pickup in Gilbert, AZ Includes the following: 20 - 142 grain Nosler AccuBond long range 3 - 127 grain Barnes bullets, 172 new primed brass 24 fired brass 22 - 127 grain reload...
  3. twt17

    Thread Pitch for X-Bolt Hell’s Canyon Speed 300wsm

    Just picked up a Hells’s Canyon in a 300wsm. When I got home I tried to replace the muzzle break with a Silencer Co ASR for one of my cans and it didn’t fit. I assumed it would be a 5/8x24 thread pitch but I was wrong. Does anyone know what the thread pitch is on this rifle so I can get the...
  4. B

    Browning 1885 RMEF 7mm Remington Mag

    Browning 1885 RMEF 7mm Remington Mag. Never fired with rings. No box. Gorgeous and like new, no marks on it. 334 of 425. Must go through FFL. $1750 shipped obo. Call or text 530-990-zero8zero6.
  5. JumpinLegs

    Custom Barreled 325 WSM Browning BLR

    I've been looking into Browning BLR rifles for several years now and somehow just discovered that they used to make the BLR in .325 WSM. I think that cartridge would be perfect for the BLR. Unfortunately, Browning no longer makes the BLR in that cartridge, and it seems that the ones they did...
  6. D

    Browning 20ga TSS Turkey Loads

    I have the following tungsten super shot (TSS) turkey loads for sale. UPS ground shipping applies (extremely quick and reliable, most orders have shipped for $9.65). 39 boxes Browning TSS 20ga 3” 1.5oz 7&9s $35/5 count box 4 rounds Browning TSS 20ga 3” 1.5oz 7s $28/4 shells
  7. H

    Browning X-Bolt Stalker .300 WM Reviews

    Looking into getting a Left Handed Browning X-Bolt Stalker .300 WM. Wondering if anybody has experience with this gun and how it has performed?
  8. JumpinLegs

    Experiences Rebarreling Browning X-Bolt and Winchester Model 70 CRF

    I'm looking at buying my next hunting rifle. I currently have a .270 Mossberg Patriot, so I'm looking to step up the cartridge to either a .300 PRC or a .325 WSM to "more adequately" deal with larger game. I like three-position safeties (or at least a two position that locks the bolt) due to...
  9. F

    WTB: Left Hand Browning X-Bolt

    Looking to buy a left handed Browning X-Bolt in 30-06. I may be interested in another caliber depending on what it is. Thanks!
  10. U

    Browning Xbolt 7mm RM only groups well when hot

    I bought a browning xbolt 7mm RM about a year ago. I have never really been able to get it to shoot consistently. I’ve tried lots of different factory loads and none have grouped well. Hornady, federal, nosler. I started working up a load for the gun and in the last month have found a couple...
  11. Blaster01

    28 nosler ladder test

    Did a ladder test with my browsing hells canyon 28 nosler. New gunwerks brass, n566, 162g eldm, and federal 215m primers. Here are the results for velocities. Where would you start after seeing this?
  12. BigBuck74

    Browning A-Bolt II .270 Like new $425.00 shipped

    I selling my Browning A-bolt II .270. This is the older model that was better than the ones today. The gun is in 98% or better. Metal is 100%. Not much I can say about it, has a 22" barrel, a crisp trigger and has been barely shot.. Less than 100 rnds. It is very accurate and will make a great...
  13. Elkaholic Hunter

    Browning X-Bolt Hells Canyon Speed vs. Sauer 100 Atacama, in 6.5 PRC

    Looking at purchasing a new 6.5 PRC, after a bit of research, my top contenders are a Browning Hells X-Bold Hells Canyon Speed and a Sauer 100 Atacama. Both rifles are around that 1k price point and all the reviews that I have seen show that both rifles should have no problem shooting sub-inch...
  14. A

    Gun Cleaning Question

    I currently have 3 browning X-Bolts, all of which I cleaned using a basic hoppes cleaning kit. After I completed the cleaning I went online, and discovered all of the hate about the 3 piece rods, and not using a bore guide. My questions is, 2 of my guns are wooden stock, 1 is synthetic. I have...
  15. C

    Brand new Browning A Bolt Stainless Stalker Boss .300 Win Mag

    Browning A bolt Stainless Stalker Boss .300 Winchester magnum New in the box Never shot 975.00 shipped 484-614-1087 Mark
  16. B

    Browning XBolt or Sako85 for new LRH Build

    New to LRH Forum - I have the opportunity to purchase (lightly used) either a SAKO Finnlight85 or a Browning Xbolt SS in 300 WSM. Sako has a 1:11 twist barrel (not good for the heavier bullets) and Browning has a 1:10 twist. Excellent price on either - So a deal I could not pass up. Planning...
  17. bbckfh

    Browning X-Bolt LR Stalker 6.5 Creedmoor

    Rifle for Sale: Year: 2016 (purchased 11/18/16) Make: Browning Model: X-Bolt Stalker Long Range (LR) Caliber: 6.5 Creedmoor Barrel: Browning stainless, 1:8 twist, 26”, threaded 5/8”-24, included thread protector Action...
  18. G

    Browning X-Bolt Pro results look great

    My Browning X Bolt pro 300 win mag looks to be a real shooter this is 100 yds factory 190gr Barnes ammo. Only thing I changed was installed timney trigger set at 2lbs.
  19. P

    Long range all around western rifle

    Hey everybody. So I'm looking to buy a rifle that is a good all around long range hunting rifle. Something that can reach out 1000 yards and kill am elk with confidence. But also a gun I would mind taking a pronghorn with. I'm looking to buy one stock, not build. Right now I'm looking at the...
  20. Floundertrap

    Suggestions on build - browning ab2 - light palma - stock options?

    I'm building a long range rig on a Browning A-Bolt II long action and I'm having a little difficulty with the stock options. I plan for this to be an heirloom rifle and I want it right, even if a little odd. Let me say that I'm building the Browning because I think it's a very well made bolt...