sako 85

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    SOLD/EXPIRED Sako 85 Black Synthetic

    Sako 85 Black Synthetic 270 win. with a 22.4" fluted barrel. Gun is like new with box, docs, wrench and bolt de-cocker. Has Leupold 1" rings. Listed on other sites. $1300 shipped and insured to your FFL from a non FFL.Trades considered for Beretta or Benelli shotguns.
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    Browning XBolt or Sako85 for new LRH Build

    New to LRH Forum - I have the opportunity to purchase (lightly used) either a SAKO Finnlight85 or a Browning Xbolt SS in 300 WSM. Sako has a 1:11 twist barrel (not good for the heavier bullets) and Browning has a 1:10 twist. Excellent price on either - So a deal I could not pass up. Planning...

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