Browning m1000


Jan 15, 2004
Im looking to replace my Remington 700 Police which was stolen. I have narrowed my caliber down to a 300 win mag and my choices of rifles are a sendaro or a browning m1000. I have not found any info on the M1000. I do not like buying used guns but i have a really great deal on the M1000. I have yet to talk to the previous ownder but the gun looks mint and upon taking apart the rifle i have found no rubbing on the barrel or any of the parts. I want this rifle to shoot sub moa becuase it will become my 1000yrd rifle. Any advice?
before you make any hasty decisions, take a good look at the Savage 110 FP in 300WM $572 list probably be had for around $500 or lessSavage Arms

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I agree that Savage is a better choice , better average quality , better accuracy , now a lot of after market product ...

good shooting

Stick with Remington Sendero, better stock, better resale value, tons of aftermarket parts and of course the Legendary Rem 700 action. Not many bench and custom rifles 'outta dem savages!!
do what Do-Gun said. take what ever one you want and put that M1 on it. then it will be a major delivery. and you wont need u.p.s any more.

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