Brass shot different amount of times..mix them?


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Jun 27, 2010
Hey guys. I have 50 rounds of norma brass for my 7mm rem that have been fired 4 times and another 50 fired 3 times. They all need to be annealed and im wondering if i can anneal them, trim, size with a body die and neck size? Will there be much difference for long range? They are from the same batch and were loaded a little hot. But i found a mild load now and hoping to save this brass. Its pretty expensive in canada.

Thanks in advance
They're all fireformed & as long as they're from the same lot you shouldn't see any differences.
I would wonder why they all 'need to be annealed' so soon.
Thats kinda what i was thinking also. I believe they need to be annealed because i was running hot loads and the one that have been fired 4 times needed a neck bushing a couple thou smaller to hold the bullet like it did before.

Ive since switched powder and run a mild charge for the same velocity. So i think i will get a lot more reloads before needing to anneal. And ive never annealed before so im assuming i need to

Any thoughts mike?
Well you can anneal all you like, it's your choice. But don't be surprised with a step change in load results at this point.
It would take details in your chamber, load, & sizing process to ring out what you're seeing & why.

Really another subject though..
It's mostly just preference as to whether you mix different brass that has been fired different
amounts and pressures.

I don't recomend it because if there is a problem you wont know which batch is giving you the

I would anneal the brass with the most firings to see if it makes a difference and save the
less fired brass just in case.

With different neck tension your pet load may not perform.

Just an opinion.

Years ago my 338 lm at 4 firings I needed to drop one bushing size to get the neck tension to hold a bullet. I then started annealing and went back to the origional bushing. Also at 4 firings before annealing I started to notice some leakage on the necks. As far as I could tell the annealing process didn't change my load. But it I did feel it gave me consistant neck tension and reduce leakage at the necks.

well i still havent tried annealing them yet to test it. but i did drop my load by 1 grain and it stayed the same for velocity. im hoping this helps the brass last a little longer. time will tell.

and thanks for the responses guys
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