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    Jun 14, 2004
    Hey there. I am brand new to shooting and want to get some advice. I went black powder shooting a few times, when I was younger, with my dad. He doesn't know too much himself but it was always fun. Now, in college, I got the chance to shoot clay pigeons with my roommate. We used a 12 gauge shotgun and a hand pigeon thrower. The clay pigeons that didn't break or were still somewhat large we stuck in trees and shot them with his 22. I had a blast!! I didn't know shooting was so much fun.
    Well, since then I want to maybe buy my own gun(s) and get some from my dad. I called him up and he said I could borrow two shotguns he got from my grandpa's estate. Great, but I don't know how to get them from VA to CA. Also, I'm thinking about getting my own long gun 22 or maybe a 17 caliber. I heard those are good guns also.

    My Questions are:

    1. What is the best way to transport the guns from VA to CA? I will be flying out there so I will take them back on the plane. Is there a case that you recommend I buy to transport them?

    2. I am thinking of buying a 22 or 17 long gun. Where should I look to buy one? What do I look for in buying one? What do you guys recommend?

    Thanks for any comments or suggestions. joe [​IMG]
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    Jun 13, 2007
    First check with the airlines you will be flying. Some have some weird rules, ie no more than 1 gun per case.

    You must transport them with the airlines in hardcase that is lockable. Easiest and cheapest is put them in padded softcase and then in cheap plastic and lockable golf bag case. You can buy them at Walmart or Kmart often under $50 and will hold 3-4 guns and does not look like guncase.

    As for cheap gun to start the 22 long rifle is the cheapest and fun to shoot. Think you will find the heavy barrel types more accurate, such as Ruger 10/22 target, Rem 597 in bull barrel etc. Can be had for normally around $300. Most reputable gun stores will have. Advice is to go look, feel and see what you like.

    The ruger can easily be modified with stocks, barrels, tuned triggers, etc that make it fun to modify and shoot, but the stock heavy barrel with a little trigger tune is more than acceptable.

    after that a good 223 or 308 is easy to shoot, low recoil, accurate and relatively cheap to shoot. One of the best deals is the savage heavy barrels such as the BVSS for around $400 used or $550 new.

    Good luck and good shootin