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Dec 30, 2007
Haslett Michigan
I am building a rem 700 sps varmint, for a long range shooter. I am finding it quite hard to locate a stock that fit a rem 700 ADL Short action with a varmint barrel contour. I have a come across this stock from Boyds gun stocks, it's a lam wood thumbhole stock, that fits the ADL with a varmint barrel contour. My question is are these good stocks and has anyone had any long term experience with one. I know I will need to have the action bedded. Any feedback would be great!
I never owned a Boyd's stock, someone else will chime in on that. You should be able to find many stocks to fit your setup. Manners, Mcmillan, HS Precision, Bell and Carlson--just to name a few. Check out this site-
the boyds thumbhole stocks are comfortable and good looking although not fancy like a custom laminate. The price is right. Sometimes they take a bit of fitting on the barrel channel and bottom metal when you bed it.

One of my hunting partners has 2 of them for 700 VLS (bdl bottom metal) rifles. Nice for shooting PD's and squirrels...
I have three of them on Remington 700's .223, 2 ea. .243, and feel they do me a good job. Normally there is some work in fitting them. I can't remember but I bought 2 ea. Rem 700 SPS's and I think they were close on these two. I do my own barrel installation and bedding so it isn't a big deal with my milling machine.
I have one on my Vanguard sporter, and I am pretty happy with it. It's a good looking setup, and very stiff. Fitting was pretty easy, and I bedded the action with Marine-tex and floated the barrel. Shoots much better, and more consistently now than when it was in it's cheap tupperware stock.

It was a fiasco getting the stock, as they were less than honest about when it would ship. I love the stock, but I doubt I would do business with them again.
I own 3 of them. Two are the what I think they call the Varmint thumbhole, and one is the thumbhole featherweight version. I like them a lot and they fit me pretty well. I have pillar and Devcon bedded them as well, I don't think many would be happy with the fit to the action they have prior to bedding. The featherweight version has been inlet for a DBM bottom metal and it looks and handles great.
i own three boyds stocks and like them except i bought a featherweight thumb hole for my 30.06 mod 70. Because i needed a left hand stock the featherweight was the only thumbhole available. my problem is i get bad cheek slap and was wondering if anybody knows a way to cure this? Does changing the length of the stock make a difference? i couldn't find any answers in my search so if the answer is already posted somewhere my apologies.
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