Black Bear Hunting with Crossbow


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Apr 15, 2012
first year hunting the bruin with a crossbow. Yesterday, I ran into 2 bears feeding on top of a small hill. Could not get a clear shot, they were 50 yeards away and I could only see their heads coming out of the tall grass. So I went down the hill and waited for them on a meadow under. Well, always sudden there is a bear front of me, 10 - 15 feet, growling at me, I almost **** my pants. Honestly I chickened out, turned around and ran about 70 feet back, what I felt it was a safe distance, it was probably mama bear protecting her 2nd year cub.
Now, if I had my 375 H&H, no problem, but with a crossbow? would you take the shot? Even on those 10-15' he was head on against me. Would a bow in front chest be a kill shot? Or make sufficient damage to kill the bear? What if I'd hit the neck?
My crossbow is Strikerforce sending the bows at 380 ft/s, but man, at the moment they looked like tooth picks.

Anyway, I would welcome any thoughts, gentlemen.


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Jul 30, 2004
I've been bowhunting for 30 years and have shot lots of deer. I haven't killed any bears with my bow but have killed three with a rifle including one with a frontal shot so I have an idea of their anatomy for what it's worth. I would most definitely not take the frontal shot on a bear with a bow or crossbow. Very little margin for error and high chance of the arrow glancing off bone and not penetrating the chest. I especially would not take that shot on one that close and obviously ****ed off.

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