Best tactical scope for the money


Oct 25, 2012
I was looking to get a tactical scope with moa adjustments for my Tikka 25-06. Not looking to spend a lot maybe 250. Any ideas of a quality scope for the price that will be reliable.
Tactical means a lot of different things to different folks so I am not sure what features you want. The Hawke sidewinder tactical is another option to look at. It is developing a good name in that price range.

The SWFA super sniper line is another good option.

Let me know what features you are looking for and there may be some more I can add to the list.

Scot E.
Bushnell Elite 10X... we use them for loaner and rental rifles, and they're super tough and very repeatable on the adjustments... a fixed 10X mildot scope... I've yet to see one fail.

The mil/mil version sold by is a good option... Bushnell Elite 3200 Tactical Rifle Scope 10x 40mm 1/10 Mil Adjustments

Or if you want the MOA adjustments, check with Bruno's and I think they can get you one for a little over 200 dollars.

They have about 80 MOA total adjustment, elevation and windage.

Thanks for the replies. I was looking for something to put on my deer rifle (tikka 25-06) to make the longer shots easier by just dialing it in and lining it up.
If you are hunting, I do not recommend the Super Sniper 16X. I have one that I use for ballistics work and the glare is bad. Contrast will be poor in many lighting critical conditions.

How far is "long range" to you? If it's not over 600 yds, you may want to consider a bullet drop compensated reticle scope. The Burris E1 scopes are in your price range. They have solid optical and mechanical performance.

Otherwise, the Bushnell Elite 10X40 or a Hawke Sidewinder Tactical would be good choices.
Your only option is the 3-10x40 weaver from midwayusa for 299. If you want more magnification you need to look at Mueller.
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