best scope for a 338 lapua


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Apr 6, 2003
North Dakota
Ok folks this may be a hot topic, but here goes.

I'm in the market for a new scope and need a bit of advice, and yes its cheaper than a poor scope.

What would be the best scope for a 26" heavy fluted barrel in 338 lappua, with a max range of 1000m and a zero of 600m.

Ranging reticles are a must.

16X IOR with MP8 or for 1/2 again the money a 5-22NF with the R2.
Best is in the eye of the beholder!
Never looked through an IOR but, the 5.5-22 NF NXS I have with the R2 is the cats *** for sure. Ranging is a breeze with it too if you know the animal sizes real well.
I have looked at the IOR and with the NP8, it is going to be hard to beat and at just about half the price of the NXS.

IOR Valdata is going to be one of the vendors present at this years IBS 1k Nationals with scopes set up for everyone to look through.

IMHO, In order depending on how much you want to spend:

US optics, Unertl, S&B, Nightforce NP-r2, IOR, Leupold, Burris, Nikon Tactical, Bushnell Elite.

With that said I have never used any other scopes on that list except the IOR 6-24x50 Mp-8 ranging reticle. I really wanted the Nightforce but, at $400 more I couldn't justify it. (IOR doesn't have a track record like leupold or the others on the list so "we" seem to be the guinnea pigs.)
I've been checking the web sites too. They all look great.

Any thoughts on the $$$ Schmidt and Benders?

Second choice looks like IOR and the price is really nice compared.
I am using a S & B 4-16x50 on a PGW .338 Lapua with 26 inch fluted barrel like yours. It works really well. I think it looks better than a mark 4 even upgraded to 24 power.
US Optics and IOR have had some serious issues.
The only one that I personally would put before Leupold would be N.F. NXS.
I have not used a S&B before but I know Littletoes personally, and he loves the heck out of them.
Thanks for all the help guys.
I went ahead and settled for the S&B 4-16x50 PM II. The 34mm tube really makes a difference and the glass equals my Swarovski 4-12x50 plex.

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