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Feb 2, 2004
looking to build a 300 rum would a trued 700(about $750)be better or spend a little more for an aftermarket action ive heard that you still have to true them up? anyone make a action thats trued up out of the box?
Virtually all of the popular custom actions are ready to go. If they weren,t the maker would very soon be out of business.

Custom is not just PRETTY!
..Yikes.!! Seven fifty for a trued Remington.?!? Does that come with dinner and roses.? At least a reach-around..!!

..Around here an action blueprinting runs about $135Richard's Custom Rifles.. Plus $325 for a "gunshow special" magnum action and you're on your way for around $460..
..That said.. When ya get thru it's still just a Remington action and not worth much more(I don't care WHAT some of these cats are tryin' to get out of'em or what they actually paid! ).. A custom will hold it's value much better.. So IMO it comes down to if you're a trader or not.. If you're gonna keep it then resale is a non-issue..
.. And if ya ever get a custom that still needs truing ya better be making noise to the maker of it..
.. If ya want a really neat action Roy's got one of Stiller's Pythons that I traded to him for a BR rifle.. It's never been mounted to anything and ya could get a schweet deal on it.. It's a RB/LP/RE..
.. Good luck with whatever ya choose..!! d:^) JiNC
I have never seen a Stolle or Bat that did not shoot. Mine is very straight and square. I cannot say the same for other brands and can assure you that some are horrible. Much worse than Remingtons on thier worst day. I check EVERY SINGLE action I see and I don't care what brand it is. What some people call true and what I call true are two very different things. Also, very few (like nearly no) people have the equipment to actually check an action to see if it's right or not. Lots think they can and simply don't have the resources to do that sort of thing. It isn't something you can see with a ruler and a square.
Tired, I have had Remingtons shoot dang good... but if you ever go to resale it you basically loose all the money you spent on truing. Most remingtons I have had I have spent right at:
150.00 true
350.00 for action
60-70.00 firing pin asmbly
30.00 pin the lug
If you go with a Sako extractor that's another ~100.00.

so 600-700 for an action that isn't a custom. I personally would hollar at Stiller through his web at and look at picking up a python. Have a good one
I have two rifles one with a trued 700 action and one with a Prairie Gun Works M18. I love both rifles. But I have to say, Custom is still custom. The PGW action in unbelievable. It definitely did NOT need to be trued. Cost me around $1400 + $200 if you count the Jewell trigger. All told the rifle (338 Lapua) cost me about $3100 (not including scope, but including talley bases and rings). It has Mcmillian stock, 28" Lilja #7 Barrel, Jewell Trigger and the gunsmith did a great job! I think it worth every penny, I'll give this rifle to my kids!

When you compare what I got to other prices, especially Lazzeroni for twice the price. I think I scored.
John M. -
Was PGW the smith for your Lapua or some else? Is the M18 a single shot or repeater?? What other actions did you consider (if any) & why did you decide on the PGW?? Does it have a brake?? Thanks in advance.

Danny, My smith was Dale Storey from Casper, WY. I only purchased the action from PGW.

I looked at all the other actions, BAT, Nesika, etc. but I wanted a hunting rifle stock not a tactical stock so I was limited with regards to the action. The M18 is the same as the remington 700 so I was able to use the Mcmillian Remington Hunter stock. I heard good things from members of this forum regarding the PGW actions. I also considered the Mcbros action and the Ed Brown action, but Mcbros needed an attitude adjustment and I was concerned that the Ed Brown wasn't suitable for a 338 lapua. I went with the M18 with the magazine, but they also make it in single shot. I also went with SS in stead of titanium. I wanted they extra weight because I won't use a brake.
The gun is 10 3/4 lbs without a scope, bases, or rings. Should be around 12.5 lbs scoped. I've never had a problem with recoil, but I did listen to too much loud music in my youth. The only thing I would suggest is to tell Ross you don't want a trigger and buy a Jewell. I'll also tell you that you will wait for this action, but it worth it. By the way, you need two front bases instead of 1 front and 1 rear. This is because of the way the action is made.

Good Luck!
Just curious here but the gunsmith who said customs need to be re-worked was he from Texas? If so i wouldn't let that guy grease the wheels of a wheel barrow.
There are gunsmiths in the BR world who square up custom action just to get every little bit of accuary out of the rifle. There was a good article about all the work that has to be done on truing up a 700 from action to bolt in last month PS and from what little I know a action done is in the $750. range which if a far less than a custom action. I don't think a custom action or trued rem action if compare will be shooting and different only in the amount of money it take to built the rifle. I've got a hall and kodiak action and they have been worked on and have a sleeved 700 and to be honest they all are better shooter than me. There is an old story that goes like this a guy wants a custom rifle that will shoot in the .0's gunsmith ask can you shoot it? Well good luck on your project!

Know who you are talking about! However, most BR smiths will tell you that they normally check things out and occasionally they find something out of spec. Good idea to check everything out.

Good example, I have a 10" BAT action, but I was first one to use with a 300 WSM. The ejection port was too small for the WSM. We went back to Bruce Thom and he had just built one for himself. He discovered the same problem, gave my smith the fix and now he has taken care of it with all actions.

Bottom line, always check them out and do not be surprised if you occasionally find something out of spec.

Just for information there was an action out called Rampro, Bob White at shooters corner is closing them out for I believe $450 in 308 size. Seems they were pretty decent actions but built individually and nothing matches from action to action in some cases.

Guy named Brad Stair at Performance in West Haven Utah (801) 731-8152 bought the machinery and rights and can provide parts and service for the old Rampro. He is also retooling to standard dimensions and coming out with mini action (22 hornet, 17 Mach4), Rem short action and long action and then a big magnum (408 chey tac size). First two are done, long action is due by summer and big magnum is due by fall. Cost big magnum will be under $1000 and that is dirt cheap compared to othe custom large magnum actions. Think his others are in $750 range.

I have one of the old Rampros in 338 AI so action is strong and accurate. Brad is making me a new extractor as the original was about 1/8 too long.

Brad is taking orders for the long and magnum actions if anyone is interested.


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