Bergers in Africa????


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Feb 26, 2008
North Dakota
This probably has been beat to death before but I am considering taking my custom 7mm Rem with 168 grain Berger vld's to Africa for plains game. This setup shoots crazy accurately. I have used Bergers on many deer hunts with awesome results but have read mixed reviews about them on plains game. Many reviews it seems are from arm chair hunters who speculate about how they would perform over there vs people actually using them on plains game. Anyone here use them in Africa? The biggest animals that I will be hunting are the kudu and gemsbok. I am just wondering how they would perform from 50 yds on out..... Any thoughts??????

Please do not take this question as I assume you should already seen us, but have you not had a chance to see some of our episodes that we filmed in Africa? We filmed several episodes that aired just a few months back as well as we have new African Episodes that will begin airing in just a couple weeks on the Sportsman Channel.

We have used mainly the 30 caliber offerings while over there, but I can assure you the results were no less lethal then what guys are used to seeing in the US. We have killed animals from as close as just over a 100 yards to over 1100 yards. The result was the same every single time, another trophy catching a pickup truck ride back to the skinning shed!

I am confident you will be very happy with your setup. Good luck!
Thanks for the reply Bob. Like I stated, I wanted to hear from someone who has actually used Berger's on plains game. I have seen your program many times but have missed the African episodes. I will stick to the plan and bring along the 7mm with the Bergers. I was going to rent a rifle if something were to happen to my outfit but I think that I will take along a second rifle(7.82 Warbird shooting 210 Bergers). Thanks again for the reply.


Sounds like a great plan! Good luck on the hunt and post some pics for everyone when you get back!

Take care.
A friend of mine went in June of this year. He took a 7 Rem Mag and 180 Bergers loaded from HSM. He killed 5 or 6 plains animals with them. His PH was impressed with the results.
HSM's Trophy Gold Line can surely turn rifle packages in to entire different animals. We have done quite a bit of testing with the Trophy Gold line and have found it to be very consistent through the Chronograph as well as Extremely Accurate. With these attributes along with the fact that Berger Bullets are stuffed in the end of them, I do not know how a guy could go wrong!

Now that we have had the chance to go over to Africa a couple times, we are hoping to go back on a Cull hunt where we can flat out put some animals down and really stretch the ability of our equipment! Will post if we get something lined out anytime soon!
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