Berger vld target=hunting bullets?


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Oct 19, 2004
I know that Berger is now offering different styles, bt would be interested to know if the 140 g. 6,5 cal Berger VLD Hunting bullets are the same as the 140 VLD Target bullets??

External measurements are the same,, is construction also the same??

Cant get hold of the hunting ones..

There are two vld's, one has a thick jacket and one does not. The old vld target #26001 is the same identical bullet as the new 26504 which has the thin jacket and is designated as a hunting bullet......Rich:D
Just got back from West Virginia hunting white tail. Was using the 6.5 target version. Everything dropped in there tracks. I had the same issue as you did could only find the target bullets. In my oppinion if you can't find the hunting ones then I wouldn't worry about it.
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