Berger 300g 'Elite Hunter' original Gen 1?


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Nov 2, 2003
Washington State
Is the Berger 300g 'Elite Hunter' original Gen 1 300g bullet that had occasional trouble being launched at faster than 338 Lapua speeds? I read a post by Litz fromlast spring that has me wondering. Called Berger but am tired of playing phone tag with them.
I'm pretty sure you are correct. They work great @ 338 RUM velocities. I only have a few left before I HAVE to switch to the newer ones.:rolleyes:

If it weren't for that particular bullet I'm confident my elk would have gotten away.
Hmmm....I guess I jumped and bought some of the new relabled 'Elite Hunter' bullets without knowing that they were the Gen 1s, if this is correct. If they are the same bullet and Berger knew that, they should've been clearly labeled in some way as to make the buyer aware of the potential issue with them. If the new 'Elite Hunter' bullets are indeed the Gen 1s, I hope they'll hold together being pushed at 2950fps. I've had one shot for sure that I felt good about and then didn't see a hit (target) at 975. Hopefully, that was just my mistake and not the bullet. Sure would like to get this question definitively answered.
U most probably weren't wrong in your assumption.

I've witnessed 168 30 cal VLDs dust out of a Mod 70 Featherweigh '06. Had to switch to 180s to solve the problem.
I read somewhere that the elite hunters are not the gen 1. They have a thicker base than the gen 1s but a thinner nose than the gen 2 for more fragmentation for better terminal performance.

See! That smart-alecky little kid knows more that I do about the topic! :D:D

Just finished True Grit again. Getting more respect for 14 year old people all the time.:)
I believe Bob Beck of Extreme Outer Limits would be the best one to chime in on this topic. As I understand it, he has been heavily involved with Berger in the development of this new bullet. I certainly don't want to make any representations for him, but I know from speaking with him that the bullets are based on new dies. Bob has this new line for sale on his site. As I understand it, he will be the first to carry the Elite Hybrid Hunter in both 270 and 7mm calibers when they become available. It is not the same as the Gen 1 bullet.
The 300 gr Match Grade Elite Hunter bullets were just released. They are listed in the hunting bullet portion of Berger's website.

The original 300 Match Hybrid OTM Tactical had issues with "nose slump" so they revised them to the current 300 gr Match Hybrid OTM Tactical listed in the tactical portion of the bullet listings.

I am certain they stopped producing the original gen 1 OTMs after they revised them. If you still are plagued with doubts call Berger directly:

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Darrell Buell
Technical Consultant
[email protected]

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Melesia Cisneros
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I got some Elite Hunters in a few weeks ago.

I wondered the same thing so sectioned one along with the GEN I & OTM, SMK & 350 SMK.

It isn't the same bullet as the GEN I.

The jackets I measured are as follows.

300 Gen I 22 thou
300 E. H. 25 thou
300 OTM 29 thou
300 SMK 23 thou
350 SMK 31 thou

The lead & jacket weights backed up the jacket thickness differences.
OK. Thanks, guys. Good to know. I appreciate you guys putting some effort into helping me figure this out.

I didn't realize all the replies were here as for some reason here again I'm not getting email notifications--seems to happen mysteriously once in a while.

I did get a call from Phil at Berger today and he said they were not the same bullet either, but didn't seem to have particulars.

Seems I am a bit late to the party here, I have been on a Elk Hunt in New Mexico! It looks like this all has got sorted out already. However it is interesting that this thread has came about while on this hunt. I have been hunting with a EOL Client on this hunt and we both used 338 Lapua's in our EOL Outdoorsman Model shooting the 300 grain Elite Hunter Bullets. I can assure you that these bullets are different then the Gen 1 bullets and they are a entire different level of Kick ***! We shot two 6 point bulls on the hunt, one was at 761 yards and dropped like a rock, the other at just under 200 yards and the result was nearly the same. We cut open both animals to look them over and the results were flawless, could not have dreamed up any better performance. Then to add to the scenario we did two shooting segments while on the hunt. One was performed at 1550 yards and the other at 1950 yards. In both spots the bullets shot sub MOA accuracy out of our under 10lb rifle package. So not only are they as terminal as anything on the planet, they are consistently accurate.

I am driving as I write this, but will do my best to answer any questions, or help out with any orders for these bullets as we have plenty in stock.

Thanks guys.
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