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Feb 16, 2017
North Idaho
Hey guys I'm looking at doing a cheap build to do some shooting on a course I'm building at a friends property. It will be mid range, out to 700 yards and consist of everything thing from off hand to tree limb rest to prone.
I want something relatively lightweight and not a barrel burner as the round count after a summer will most likely be over 1000. Because of this I'm planning on the 6.5 creedmoor.

Now for my question, has anyone shot the B14 hunter or BHP? I've read some reviews and magazine articles and even the groupings from factory ammo seem too good to be true. I know they are well known for barrels and I like the feel of the rifle but you never know until you start shooting with it. Looking for some experienced long range shooters opinions!

Thanks guys!
I bought a b14 hmr. I have shot 200 rounds of factory hornady 143 gr eldx. I have shot out to 888 yards (First round hit on a 10" bush). It is a tack driver. At round 40 I shot a box of 20 at the same target @ 100 yards (5 rounds then let it cool) I could cover the hole with a quarter. When I do my part I'm under .5 with 3 shots. I would buy one again. Just starting load work up with bergers.
Bought my wife the b14 hunter in 30-06 and it shoots good. I haven't done any load workup all I've shot through it is 165 gr fuzion factory ammo. Shoots 1 moa. It will shoot better I'm sure as its the only thing I've tried but was plenty good for her needs on a elk hunt. Time to get some dies and see what she can do. As far a fit and finish. Action is great and so is the stock. Guarantee moa just like tikka. Guys I talked to at cabelas said that it's what all there lon range people that work there are switching over to from there tikkas
I really like my HMR. Very accurate and a lot of nice features for a factory rifle. I'm a Tikka guy, but the HMR's action is just as smooth and the stock on the HMR is heads above the T3X or CTR. Another plus is the HMR takes standard AICS mags.
A buddy purchased the hmr. I compared it to my sako a7 range on a thread on the rifle,barrels,bullets,and ballistics sub forum. Pretty nice rifle
My bergara b-14 hunter in 300wm is shooting 1\2moa at 100yds with hornady superformance sst 180gr, and I just took a nice 7 point with it at 200yds. I would go bergara.
Guys I talked to at cabelas said that it's what all there lon range people that work there are switching over to from there tikkas

This would not surprise me. The Bergara has a traditional recoil lug and would handle magnum recoil better than a Tikka. And, I believe, you can use a Remmy style trigger, like a Jewel or Timney. I would pick a Bergara over a Tikka any day.
I've always had Remington 700bdl and tried a tikka (wasnt a fan). The fella at the gun store talked me into a b14 hunter this year in 6.5cm and topped with a vortex rage 5-20. The rifle really seems to like Winchester expedition ammo with accubondLR. Bought everything to reload for it, but with that factory load 3 rounds fit under a quarter at 200 so its not worth it to me to work up a load.

This year I smoked a mule deer buck with it at 650 and he didn't even take a step. Made me a believer in Bergara and the 6.5 round

My next rifle will be a 300Rum and if bergara made one id buy it without a second thought
Shot my mule deer buck at 630 this year with a 6.5 creedmoor. Muzzle velocity 2670 fps. 143eldx handload. Complete pass through and very good wound channel. Massive trauma inside. Deer ran off but didn't make it far. I think this cartridge is great for mule deer at extended ranges.
What was the wound cavity like on the buck at 650? What was your approx FPS at 650 yards? Thanks Rem92

Wound cavity was decent, it was a semi high shot so he got a little spine shock which is what dropped him. Bled out by the time i got to him, rated muzzle velocity is like 2750 im pretty sure
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