Bedding Rem Sendero HS Precision stock

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Jan 6, 2004
Can anyone give some advice on bedding the above?
I have a 300 Win Mag which was shooting very well - about .6moa.
All the groups were showing some vertical with low ES.
The action to stock contact points were uneven so my gunsmith skimmed the alloy and bedded the action.
The groups opened up to 2moa!
He has rebedded again as there initially was some movement of the barrel when the front action screw was tightened. There is less than .001 movement between foreend and barrel now as the front action screw is tightened.
What is the best torque on these actions screws from experience?
I'm no expert, and I'm quoting from memory another post I read some time ago. It said.....

Start at 25 INCH/pounds. Shoot a group and see how the gun performs. Tighten the screws another 5 inch/pounds to 30 and shoot again. Continue this process until you find the optimal torque for your gun. The maximum torque you should use is 65 inch/pounds.
Stock recomendatoins for it are 65 inch lbs on the front screw and tighten the rear till its just snug and don't come loose when fired.

Remove the action screws while holding the action in the stock
(you can use some surgical tubing rapped around the action and
the stock to hold every thing in place) and look through the pillars
to see if the threaded holes in the recever are centered in the pillars
(VERY IMPORTANT) if not then you must clear the bedding screw
so that it only touches the floor metal with the tapered part of
the screw head or re'bed the action with the action screws floating
in the center of the pillars.

I use shrink wrap on the action screws to center while bedding.

You dont want the action screws to become the recoil lug after
firing a few rounds.

Once this has been done torque both action screws to 25inch/lbs
and fire.

Then increse the torque in 5 inch/lb increments and fire again .

If group size does not improve then leave it there, If it does improve
then repeat process until it stops improving.But do not exceed 65 in/lbs

Maybe this will help
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