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Aug 1, 2009
I have an HS Precision PSS stock that I would like to bed. Most of the threads cover pillar bedding and this has the aluminum chassis. I've skim bedded a few rifles before and milled some pillars for a plastic SPS stock along with a bedding job more for practice than anything and it actually turned out really well.

Based on what I have read, I should tape the barrel near the end of the forearm to float and center the barrel. I have had to inlet quite a bit since the barrel contour is much heavier than the factory contour. When I do this, the receiver is not sitting flush with the front of the aluminum bedding block but it is in the rear tang area. There is about 0.040" clearance just aft of the recoil lug, between the receiver and the aluminum block.

Is this OK? The Devcon will obviously fill the void but I want to make sure that this is acceptable.
I'm of strong opinion, so get your salt shaker out.

Your 1st step with bedding an H/S stock is by selling it and getting something else.
I am not a gunsmith, but have experienced the same. I have used Marine-tex to fill the voided area, along with the first 1.5 inch of the barrel channel and have seen no adverse problems. The recoil lug is not going to do its part if it is not making contact with the bedding block with in the recess. I have read a lot and asked many questions along the way, and there are a lot spirited opinions on the matter, but the proof is in the pudding. Meaning, I have never seen a reduction in accuracy with skim bedding and/or epoxy in the lug recess. My opinion is that a completely supported action is better than one that is not. Reduces the likelihood twisting or binding the action and just takes one more variable out of the equation. I have never shot long enough strings to worry about heat expansion of the lug, (which is a common concern for those who epoxy the entire lug area).

The only tip I can extend is not to over torque the action when placing it in the bedding material. I usually go about half while it is setting up.

So, the short answer to your question is...go for it!
I sold a 338 EDGE to another member on this site this summer that was a Rem 700 action skim coated bedded in an HS Precision stock. He posted on here this fall that he killed a deer with it at over 1300+ yards, and it is an extremely accurate rifle. I would not worry about skim coating it. It will turn out fine.
I would however not tape the barrel so much that it brings it to far off the bedding block if you can help it.
I have since relieved the barrel channel a bit more so that the receiver sits flush in the chassis now. I found a high spot that was interfering with the barrel. When the Devcon arrives, I'll bed it down and go.

Should a receiver be bedded without the scope mount rail attached?

to elaborate:

I personally don't care for them because the way I bed a rifle stocks does not work well with an H/S stock. I know there are rifles out there ( a lot of them for that matter) that shoot well with them. It comes down to overall fit and finish.

This is one of those things where a guy decides early on whether he'll be happy with a Timex watch or a Rolex. Both get the job done, but some will only allow the piece made in Switzerland to touch their wrist.

I charge a premium rate for what I do and I feel that a clean cosmetic appearance is just as important as the performance potential that a proper bedding job offers. The customers that choose to do business with me are of the same mindset. I'm not going to say my bedding jobs are "X" times better than the other guys because they aren't when viewed strictly from the performance perspective. Enough people have commented on them though for me to say that they do hold a unique appearance/finish when completed. That my friends is the basis of why I do them the way I do. It's a distinguishing feature and it says a lot to me when I peel an action from the stock at a range or show and a crowd gathers to inspect.

I cannot in good conscience send a finished piece out the door if I feel it's not the best effort on my part. With an H/S stock the design just does not lend itself well to how I do things. This is why I elect not to use them.


Decide for yourself:




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I've used the following with good results. a lot depends on application.

Competitive shooting:
Ian Robertson, Robertson Composites
Terry Leonard
Warner Tool Company
Alex Sitman, MasterClass stocks

Robertson Composites
Dakota Arms
Nesika Bay Precision

Robertson Composites
Manner's (have not used one yet, but will be before too long)

Hope this helped.

Thanks for the help. I dont know what im going to do? lol The only thing is noone will ever see the bedding job unless I take the gun apart, not that I dont agree with you but as long as it shoots good or at least a little better than the way it is now.
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