bedding an HS Precision stock

John H

Feb 21, 2008
I have a HS Precision stock for a long action Winchester M70. Action dropped right in- no problem there- but when you install the floor plate, the plate is bound up at the hinge. With the action pressed down into the stock, the magazine does not reach the bottom of the stock, there is probably a strong 1/16 th or so of stock proud of the magazine.

I believe the aluminum block is a little to far up into the stock. The bbl is a little high in the bbl channel as well. I think before I skim coat the aluminum with epoxy, I need to move the surface of the aluminum block behind the recoil lug down until the floor plate operates correctly. Does this seem right?


Shim the pillars to the right height and then bed the floor
plate and lengthen the bedding screws and then bed the action.

Start from the bottom and go up ( Dont worry about the 1/16 of space).

Thanks, that sounds right. I've worked the top of the aluminum block down about .020 and the guns sits much nicer in the stock. Started with a lot of dead air between the bbl channel and the bbl. Now its still free floated, but much less gaposis. I think that I've taken everything out of the top I dare to. The floor plate is about 1/4" from setting down on the stock on the bottom (screw set tight, gun upside down, floor plate allowed to close as far as it can under its own weight, measured the gap from where it would engage the trigger gaurd to the surface of the stock.) Shimming and bedding the floor plate will fix that nicely.

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