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Blaine Fields

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Sep 10, 2001
San Jose, CA
I recently exchanged email with a contributor on this board who made the point that the topic of ballistics seems to be divisive. I had to agree. I don't know why it is, but discussions about ballistics seem to devolve into yelling matches more than any other topic. It is such a shame.

Recently we had a ballistics thread going that was just getting interesting. A point of dispute had arisen between two individuals who seem to have quite a background in ballistics. I was thinking, "Good deal. I think I'm going to be learning something here." Then, everything went to hell and the thread was closed.

I'm sure that a lot of people here, me included, are not experts in ballistics, but are very interested in the subject matter. There are those of you out there who have a wealth of theoretical and practical knowledge to share but who would just as soon not debate whether your mother had canine origins.

So, as purely a matter of self-interest, could I encourage those involved in the latest dustup communicate with one another in private email to make sure there are no hard feelings? I, for one, really enjoy the contributions every single person involved in that thread has made to date. I sure hope we haven't lost the participation of anyone on this board.


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Dec 4, 2002
Northwest MN

I want to take a minute to thank you for posting this thread--it needed to be posted, for a number of various and beneficial reasons.

As you stated, I suspect a good number of visitors are familiar with the thread in light, and it was a very, very good thread. A select number of posters on that thread have earned a tremendous amount of due respect, from myself for certain, and I thoroughly enjoy their comments. It is my hope that these people will continue to post here; I would hope no one feels as if they should avoid future posts--that would be a critical casualty to "us", as shooters of a specific and determined group. We should all look at each other with pride and empathy, for we're a group of people that actually take the time to ponder such complex questions, conditions, and circumstances as discussed here. In light of vastly expanding populations, and changing sociological mentality, I would venture a guess that I am not alone in holding a secret fear that what we love most is always in some form of jeopardy. This post of mine is not a pump-rally; it's my way of saying I appreciate all of those who share their knowledge freely--it takes a decent person to dedicate their time so that others may be enlightened.

Selectively picking out individuals is a dangerous maneuver, something that should be reserved for a master diplomat--which I'm not; I prefer to shoot things. However, the compulsion to say this won't go away, so here it is with the best intent tagging along: S1, Warren--I truly enjoy both of your posts, respect your knowledge and efforts greatly, and look forward to anything you have to share. I truly hope neither of you feels unwelcome here. There may not be much I, as a third party can really impart, but I would like you both to be aware of the appreciation I feel you both deserve for posting here, and hope you will continue to do so. In the big scheme of things, I suspect it’s important we’z all stick together.



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Sep 10, 2001
Blaine & Dave: Kudos to you both! Very well said. FWIW, I see this more on the subject of External Ballistics than any other as well. Being a recipient of the Golden BB Award myself, I have begun to study the subject in an effort to seek my own answers. I have also come to the conclusion that one of the reasons for this problem is a rather large pool of ignorance amongst our own. It IS a complex subject, and there are few teachers. Even those less sophisticated can be taught. Some of the things I hear have me "rolling on air", but personal attack will make the believer defend them to the point of absurity.. When one supports a particular point with facts, either presented or referenced, it can cool the passion a bit. Raising the volume is not the same thing.

Not to stir things up mind you, but I've noticed a substantial lack of discussion of interior and terminal ballistics in all the sites I've visited. Are these subjects even darker?
DC's MK bullets are by all conventional wisdom inappropriate for hunting but it would seem the bullets weren't informed of their handicap. I recently was informed of the nature of propellent charge in the 120mm round for the M1 tank. Incrementally staged propellent with different burn rates. The ultimate duplex load? I'm curious about the science there as well. I'm all ears guys and gals...

Remember, when the grenade lands hit the dirt, cover your head and keep you legs crossed. You need to be reasonably healthy to return the favor...


Apr 14, 2002
Fort Worth
I agree. I have been thinking that I seem to learn the most when people disagree on a topic. I hope we can just keep it friendly and just remember we are all on the same team, so to speak.
As a newbie to LR, I read MUCH more than I post and HIGHLY appreciate the valuable exchange of ideas and information.


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