Back in the 270wsm game


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Dec 26, 2009
Big Horn Basin, Wyoming
I have hated myself ever since i sold my m70 270wsm and I recently had a deal presented to me by a buddy that I couldnt resist. I picked it up last night and wow! Its a sako75 Finnlight (stainless fluted) I am going to put a Zeiss Rapid Z 800 on it. Probably Norma brass and not sure what bullets yet. Might play with the 140 AB again if not then good ole' Barnes. Not really an informational post but I am so excited about this new rifle I had to tell someone!
NICE!! I have a guy I work with that might sell the exact gun you just bought. He is getting caught up in the big caliber hype and thinks you have to shoot a .338 Lapua to kill an antelope. I hope he decides to sell because I got first dibbs!
apparently you arent familiar with my posts... 338 lapua is minimum for antelope! and 375 RUM is preferred! haha I suffer from the same sickness as your friend but you gotta love the small stuff too!
hope you get it i havent shot it yet but the feel of a sako is hard to beat
If you like 338's for antelope then you might try the new Berger Classic Hunter 130.

Mule deer 242 yards 270wsm 130 Berger CH....
It would be against every thread of my being to shoot a Berger! haha thats some pretty awesome damage though.

I have to admit I do shoot bergers in my 22-250

This is awesome damage...

270WSM 130 Berger CH 339 yards whitetail buck(oops-a little high)...
They are conservatively loaded at 3200+ fps. I don't like sticky reloads.

This is a 140 AB 270 wsm 100 yards or so...3100fps.
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