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  1. Bowhunter84

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    Jan 8, 2013
    im in the process of getting a Sako finnlight in 270wsm. i plan on topping it off with a zeiss diavari 3-12x56. basically im just curious as to what y'all think of the 270wsm as an all around whitetail caliber. i'm also interested in what ammo you would recommend shooting in it. i've been told by a couple of people that i know that hunt with a 270wsm to look at the winchester ballistic silvertip 150gr and also the federal nosler ballistic tip 130gr. being that im not very familiar with a 270wsm im open to suggestions. my longest shot will be 400-450yds and the closest shot will be 10-15yds.

  2. thehulk

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    Jan 17, 2012
    270WSM is a fantastic round for whitetail, it can take game much larger at the ranges you've indicated. Great all round choice IMO.

    Winchester makes great ammunition that can be reliable every time. I personally do not believe that you should shoot a certain type of factory ammo just from someone suggesting it. You should purchase a few different types of ammo and shoot 3 shot groups with each brand. Whichever shoots the best group would be the choice of ammo you should use. It just so happens I have a rifle that shoots great with the cheap stuff :D lucky me!

    Also, make sure you break in the barrel properly (use the search button)
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    Mar 29, 2012
    I got a weatherby vanguard a year ago in 270wsm. Shot my first mule deer with it this past fall at 30-35 yards. It was staring right down my barrel. Shot him just right of dead center of the chest with a hand loaded Barnes ttsx 130gr with avg Muzzle velocity of 3255. It was a bang-flop.

    Haven't tried it at longer ranges on the same sized game but i have no problems hitting my targets out past 400yrds. seems like a lot of people are in love with 140gr accubonds if i remember correctly.
  4. Shortmagman

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    Feb 22, 2008
    The 270 WSM is a great whitetail, mule deer and even elk caliber. I have owned one since 2002 and I have shot many rounds through it in that 10 years. This is my opinion and it is based on what I have observed and read during this time. There are many bullets that will work in the 270 WSM but I think that the Silver Balliistic and the Nosler Ballistic tip are not good choices.
    Why? The 270 WSM is a high velocity round with the factory Winchester 130 grain Silver Ballistic producing over 3200 ft/sec in my model 70 Winchester.

    What does that mean? The ballistic tip will fragment on a bone in a deer or elk and you may only wound the animal. I have seen a 130 Silver Ballistic fragment when shot from a 270 Winchester, at about 3000 ft/sec.

    There are at least three different bullets that I would shoot out of a 270 WSM. My first choice for deer is the 140 Nosler Accubond. It works well with the high velocity of the 270 WSM. The Barnes TTSX (as has been stated above) will also do a good job and from what I have read the Trophy Bonded bullets will also. I have never shot any game with the Hornaday 130 grains Interbond but I expect it will also work.

    Winchester at one time sold a 150 grain Power Point loaded for the 270 WSM and from what I have read it worked great on deer and even elk.
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    Oct 30, 2010
    I would go to midwayusa.com and get something loaded with accubonds or berger vld's. I am in the middle of working up a load for the 150 grain bergers and retumbo in my 270wsm at the moment.
  6. winmag

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    Dec 23, 2009
    Federal Premium Ammo with 140Accubonds, & Federal Fusion 150's if you feed your rifle factory ammo