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Jan 31, 2010
peoples republic of New Jersey
I have a great shooter that I am converting to a Flat top upper. I have decided on a DPMS Target upper. BUT here is my question. I was going to get the upper with 1" high rib built in to the upper. I remember that I have shot a few that were too low to be comefortable. I see that EVERYONE else has a lower flattop and most use higher rings . I am planning on a Long range scope for this gun. The only negative I see to the 1" higher Flat top is that down the road a set of clamp on sights will need another riser on the glass block or a VERY high front sight that I have not seen fS yet.
SO what are your thoughts? Go with the low upper or stay with the High upper? Any negative thoughts on the high upper please lets hear them.
These targer uppers do not have a forward assist either. I really wanted one just to have it. SO if I get talked out of the 1" high upper I will go to a flat top with a forward assist built in. SO Tell me your thoughts please. J.Michael [email protected]
First, the forward assist. The only time you need one is on a combat rifle or carbine. It's there, just in case, you are in a prolonged fire fight and don't have the time or opportunity to clean your weapon. The jams I've seen on civilian AR's won't be cleared by the forward assist, just jammed tighter. As for the upper receiver, the lower flat-top will have a better re-sale value should you ever want to part with it. There are add-on risers so you can get that optic high enough for comfort.
The high railed reciever is great if all you want is a scope. If your eyesight is failing and you are switching to a scope, I doubt you will ever need iron sights again. Forget resale value. Get what is right for you.

The forward assist is referred to by many soldiers as the suicide button. It usually gets you in more trouble than you started with. If the bolt doesnt close all the way, that is called a jamb. You clear the jamb and drop another round in. Dont make a bad situation worse by trying to force a round in the chamber.
The others have given good info on the aforementioned... If you really want a "bolt assist" for the cool factor... why not? It might be used too hot press your brass... or when you single feeding and let the bolt down a little slowly...

As for the High vs. the Low... go with the low... why start out with a bit of a handy-cap right off the bat... as was mentioned; there may be other things you'll want to do... don't say no...

Never think you won’t use or like iron sights again. As for height… you can find rings as well as raisers to cover just about any height on the low uppers…. I’ve never had a problem with any one of my five AR’s…. I’ve never had those issues… all but one, are low uppers, the 5th being a Colt SP1.
Good luck.
the forward assit is useless i have never used in any military or civilain ar15/m16

the only use of a hi rise upper i can see is that you could swap optics from a blot action rifle to the ar and still have a good cheek weld if they cost the same and i knew i would never use irons on it might go with it but i think the std one gives more options could use a riser platform it wanted swap back and forth

think the high rise would have more of a cool factory than the std but its really not need but that can be said for alot accessories for ar's

i have high 30mm burris extr on my varmint ar std flat top it gives a good firm cheek weld
I've used the forward assist a few times, but could get by without it.

I put YHM popup sights on for a while, when shooting 100 yards and 200 yards informal competition. I was using a scope with QR rings. So I could flip back and forth easily. We were shooting for groups, so I didn't have to be right on. But it was usually a click off or dead on.

I've moved to the Burris PEPR mount that is not QR, without a wrench. So the iron sights sit in the bag.
My SPR clone. Colt M4 flat top - ADM scope mount - riser not needed.


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