anyone use a .50 bmg hunting, lol

I know of several of my fellow Fifty Caliber Shooters Association members that use the 50 on big game.

I have not yet but use it alot on extreme range rockchuck hunting.

Good Shooting!!

Kirby Allen(50)
that was a pretty stupid bet
You loose!

We go coyote hunting with my friends 50 Barret 6X24 nightforce scope. I have some friends that used the 50 for elk & deer hunting in idaho in years past. The problem is some states have banned the .50 BMG round. Some states allow the 50 if you have game type lead spire points.
jb1000br - His scope is about 10 years or so old. Because he used years ago doing the 300 win mag for BR shoots. I'm sure that it's not the 8X32 56mm and they only came up with the 5.5X22 recently
Three years ago I personally took a nice 4X4 in Potter County Pennsylvania with a 50 cal BMG. HSM 750gr Bore Rider HP at 2700 fps does an excellent job of providing for a humane kill. The animal was literally dead before it hit the ground. I have pictures and will try to post them, but haven't had much luck posting pictures so far.
I have pictures that i can send you of what happens at 110 yards with a 405 gr B-X .458 win mag Classic shot (H/R) on a mule deer. Send me yours on e-mail

They don't run away!
I have pics from a 450pound boar that my friend shot with a 50BMG from 45 yards away, I'll have to dig through my email to find it. 750gr HP.
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