Anyone use 308 varmit hunting?


Nov 19, 2002
I was considering a AR or 223 bolt action for varmit hunting ground hogs, squirrels, coyotes, ect. But the thought crossed my mind about just using a 308 rifle since it's much more versatile for pig, deer, ect.

Sure, it's waaaay overkill for groundhogs and the like, but certainly more versatile. Am I nuts?
Sure, why not ? I got my .308 for that very purpose. I am slowly working up a load using VV 110 with 55gr JRP projectiles and so far have just cracked the 4000fps barrier. The idea being to get a nice warm load that will allow me to get out to 500yrds. It also seems to like 155gr Lapua palma's and 110gr V-max's although the V-max projectiles are proving a hassle to reload.

I suppose when i have the $$ i'll get a 6.5/284 but until then it's the .308.
The .308 is an excellent choice for varmints. I think just about every 30 caliber combination ever chambered is being used for varmints. Overkill ????????/dead is dead, fun yes. Enjoy!

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Hoser - my 308's have been used for everything from ground squirrels to elk - I have never bothered to go lower than the 150 gr bullets ,it works all the time.
I have used the 308 for groundhogs, coyotes, crows, and assorted other vermin for many years. I prefer the 125 Nosler B.T. or the 125 Speer TNT to any 110 gr. bullet I have ever tried. The B.C. is so much better with the 125's and the velocity is nearly the same. Try either IMR 3031, or Win 748. The 125 gr. bullets blows chunks out of coyotes at around 3180 fps. Try it you'll like it.

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Just watch out for ricochets. The bigger bullets will tend to hold together better than the lighter and faster varmint variety. If you got a good backstop, no problem.
One of my favorite varmint rifles was a Ruger 7mm mag. Accurate, wind didn't blow bullets around like a .22 cal, and after shooting at PD's out to 400+, a shot at an elk with that rifle felt like shooting at a house. I have my daughter shooting at varmints with her Savage 7-08.

Im useing 125 nos bt in my .308, they shoot very good, and they makes a mess out of chucks, and crows,lots of red mist, Also those 125s shoot very flat for a light bullet.
Great -- I'm no longer feeling crazy for thinking about a 308 varmiter. All I ever hear about is the fight between 223 vs 22-250 vs 220 Swift and now the 17. Seems like a 308 would cut the wind a bit easier and not drift as easily.
<BLOCKQUOTE><font size="1" face="Verdana, Helvetica, sans-serif">quote:</font><HR>Great -- I'm no longer feeling crazy for thinking about a 308 varmiter. All I ever hear about is the fight between 223 vs 22-250 vs 220 Swift and now the 17.<HR></BLOCKQUOTE>

I felt like I was a big fat fish in a small fast fish pond when I was only reading the exelent varmint hunters magazine. When I found out about this site I realized that I was right on the money with my .308.

I love shooting anything a critters but I put the most time and money into the .308. The shortest shot was 6 feet on a ground squirrel and the longest hasn't happened yet. Shoot your 08 and have fun.
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