Any 50 bmg hunters?


Oct 27, 2015
Before anyone jumps on the "Its excessive/heavy/ damages meat" band wagon I want to preface by saying I am aware this cartridge is not ideal.
What I would like to know is if there are guys out there who DO hunt with them and what their experiences with different bullets on different game are as well as how they pack their rifles. I would like to hear from guys/gals who have first hand experience with the cartridge and not arm chair experts. Any technical data like preferred velocities, optics, hunting bullet, methods of use would be greatly appreciated.
I hunt with the 50BMG use the 750 Amax and 798 Cutting edge bullets not a lot of damage UNLESS you hit a big bone like the shoulder. Shoot them in the lungs and you will be fine. Optics I use a Premier 5-25x56. My rifle is a Accuracy International AX50. I just got back from a Wilderness hunt and put the rifle in a Eberlestock E57B "Sniper Sled" we packed the rifle in and mounted the drag bag to the Horse and had no Issues. I had to put my pack and gear on the other side of the horse to balance him out and keep the saddle from sliding.
Thanks for the info. I have seen the A-Max do some crazy stuff in ballistic gel and thought it might be too frangible. I assume any bullet for this cartridge would cause much more damage when hitting bone. If you don't mind me asking how much does your rifle weigh and how do you like the cutting edge bullets?
My rifle weighs 28lbs all scoped out. The cutting edge bullets shoots the best In my gun but they are expensive.
When my buddy goes hunting with me, he usually lets me take his Tac50 out. I usually just carry it on my shoulder like they do on safari use the shoulder sling. Thank god every spot I go to is road accessible then its just a short hike (100-200 yards) off the road to the spot. The load is factory hornady 750gr Amax. It wears a NSX 8-32x56 and weights 31lbs. We've yet to shoot anything with it yet though.
I currently have a Barrett 99 with the 32" barrel. So far just ball ammo down the tube to break in the barrel. I was thinking about the barnes tsx because I was hoping the all copper bullet would stay together better than an A-Max but still offer some expansion. However I saw what one did to a whitetail at close range on a whitetail after passing through both shoulders and decided perhaps they too expanded too much. At longer ranges or off major bone it may not be a problem but that is why I ask. Its hard to get any info without people screaming about the 50 being too big. I am just trying to get real answers from people in the know. If you ever feel like getting a headache from too much eye-rolling try googling "50 BMG Hunting"
With a 50, shot placement is going to be everything, there's no getting around that. I feel the Barnes TSX would be the best option due to its controlled expansion characteristics and won't have to worry about excessive tissue damage that you'd get from the expansion and fragmentation from the A-Max
Not many people realize this, but the 50bmg was actually designed for long range hunting...
...hunting Toyota's. gun)


Sorry, I had to say it. It was the first thing that popped into my head. :D
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