Anyone shoot a 7mm-300 WBy


Feb 29, 2008
Mesa, AZ
I am building a new rifle with a 27 in 1-9 Schneider Barrel and wondering if anybody else shoots one. I am planning on using the Berger 180's and am making a magazine well to fit the cartridge so I don't have to fit the cartridge to the magazine well. I am building it for my longrange project so any info is apprecaited. Thanks.

I still have the original 7mm-300 wby I killed elk with in the 70's at over 1000 yards using 175 sierra gamekings. They are excellent rifles. When the 8mm rem mag case came out it kinda stole some thunder from it and then the 7mm STW was standardized which is virtually the same thing. This made brass very cheap and accessible. But the 7mm-300 wby is a great round. I think wby really messed up not making it in a mk 5 rifle back when it was popular back in the 70's. I have five 7mm STW's and my 7mm-300 wby will out shoot all of them. Faster and just as accurate.
Have no idea how many rounds have been fired through it. It was always a hunting rifle with limited range work so I am sure the round count is not very high. It has the wby freebore in it and the lands in front of the freebore still look good. Just work up a good load then shoot it on occasion for zero. In the late 70's I began my big 338 search and it never got a lot of work after that. It is fun to pull it out and take a long antelope or deer on occasion though. It shoots the 162 grain bullets over 3400 fps making it a great antelope/ deer round with the high bc of say the 162 amax.
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